Hi All,

Here is a 'report' for the horseshoe tournament in

There were 6 players in the group. Myself, Sharon Paddock, Jack Fravel, Gail Sluys, Leldon Day, Elaine Butcher. My first game I pitched great, an 88% game which included 34 ringers in a row. The 2nd game I had 76%, OK but not great. My next game I had an 80% game. The 4th game was against Gail Sluys and I had 37 ringers out of 50 shoes while she had 36 ringers. But Gail had 6 single points compared to my 1 single point so she beat me by 2 points. In the last game of the round robin I pitched 68% but my opponent had a bad game. So I won 4 games and lost 1. Gail Sluys lost to Leldon Day by 1 point and I beat Leldon so the 3 of us were tied for first. Gail and Leldon played with the winner playing me since I had the higher average. Gail won by 1 point and in the playoff for first I pitched 75% (OK, but not great) compared to her 77.5% with her winning 19 to 13. It was one of Gail's best tournaments I believe and she pitched very well against me in both games. I was a little disappointed in my performance, but that happens (a little too often).

I'll be at the Bowl Expo this Wednesday and Thursday and then pitch horseshoes in Newton Falls, OH on Saturday with what should be an excellent group. And then on Sunday I'll pitch in Hilliard OH with another quality group.

The Newton Falls tournament went pretty decent. I ended up winning 6 games and loosing 1 with an 80.5%. That is my best tournament average in over a year. I had a low game of 75% which is pretty decent and a high game of 90.4% which is excellent especially considering my opponent had 83%.

That would have beat my other 6 games that I played. But that didn't last and I was having a slight amount of trouble the last 3 games which included my loss to Alan Francis when he wiped me out with an 89% game. Alan won the tournament with 86.2% and I was 2nd. Four other players averaged over 75% in this very competitive tournament.

Hopefully in Hilliard (today) I will do as well pitching against several top ladies.

The tournament in Hilliard OH this last weekend had a pretty good group. Four of us played in a tournament in Newton Falls the day before and decided to get in some good competition on the way home. The other 3 were driving south to KY and TN while I was flying out that afternoon for home after over 2 weeks on the road. My wife said that she missed me and wouldn't mind if I came home. Fortunately I was able to get on an earlier flight home after the tournament was done.

I pitched pretty decent except for one bad game which just happen to be against Joan Elmore when she pitched a very nice 87.5% game. I had games of 83.3, 82.7, 79.4, 84.1, 77.2, 71.4 and 84.8% . The 71 was against Joan. I just couldn't get it going, throwing shoes everywhere. The 5th game was against Sue Snyder and was kind of marginal also, but Sue pitched her worst game of the tournament against me. Normally she would beat that kind of game. My first 2 games were against John Brown and Donna Dodson and they both pitched over 70% against me. Donna was nice enough to spot me about 20 points before she got going at the end of the game. In the last game Becky Kemper had a bad start, but finished strong to pitch over 75%. Jack Baldwin and the Hilliard Club did a great job. The local parks department added some money and they had plenty of pasties/deserts for the players to take home as an extra prize.

For two days in a row I averaged 80.5%. I will probably need to improve on that for the world if I want to win, but it feels like it is starting to come back to me. Next weeks tournament in Greenville should be good competition.

Walter Ray