The first doubles event was Wednesday. I pitched with Jim Adcox. He is the current Elder mens state champion. We were the highest ranking team. There were 9 teams in the 'A' class.

Even though it was cold (by FL standards) and windy, we pitched well enough to win all our games and win the FL state mixed doubles championship. I averaged about 75% and Jim was a bit off his game (the cold I think) with about 58%.

This is my 2nd consecutive year winning that title. Last year my mother-in-law, Billie Sue Pennington helped me win. But this year she had some hip, knee, and back problems which didn't allow her to compete in enough events to play in the state tournament. Maybe next year.

Thursday should be a little bit tougher in the 40' doubles competition.

And then this weekend (4-21) I am looking forward to pitching in the Six Pac Invitational in New Melle, MO where there are 16 players with averages over 69%. Unfortunately this is the same time as FL state singles event. I wish I could be at 2 places at once, but I can't.

I am going to MO because the competition is about as tough as you will find in a horseshoe tournament. Walter Ray