On Monday and Tuesday the team tournament (not part of the state event) I was paired with Charles 'Buddy' Short and Lee Seckinger. The requirement was that the total averages not exceed 120% and only one 30' player per team. Even though our team came in at the 2nd highest average, I felt that our team was at a disadvantage due to my high entering average.

There were two groups. We were in the 'A' group with 5 other teams. Of the other 5 teams, there were 3 players out of the 15 who had averages under 30% and the lowest of those was over 25%. The format was to play all of the other team players one 40 shoe game over the two days, 8 on Monday and 7 on Tuesday.

Buddy's entering average was just under 29% and Lee's (he is 8 years old) was about 9%. With my entering average of 78.6% we just came in under the maximum. Unfortunately Lee was a bit overmatched and lost all of his games even though he pitched great and averaged over his 9%.

Buddy pitched well also winning 6 of his 15 matches and he also pitched over his average. I pitched OK, (79.7%) and won all of my 15 matches. We ended up finishing 5th out of the 6 teams. I hope Lee wasn't too disappointed. Hopefully it will help him in his first state tournament this weekend.

Walter Ray