Here is my report of horseshoe tournament that was held in Brooksville, FL this last Saturday (2-22-03).

There were 6 players in the top class which included the current Elder Men's World Champion, Bob Logan, 2 past Men's World Champions, myself and Mark Seibold, the current FL state Men's champion, Ron Deckard, the current FL Elder Men's state champion, Warren Woolsey, and 2 time FL Elder Men's state champion, Jim Adcox. It was a top notch class, but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate as we played in 20 to 30 mph winds before finally having the tournament called on account of lightning in the area. The class did officially finish 4 of the 5 games scheduled before being called.

I played Mark Seibold in the first game. We both struggled in the wind and I ended up winning the game to 35 points with 19 ringers out of 30 shoes, well below our normal averages. I lost my next game to Jim Adcox as I pitched 30 ringers out of 54 shoes. I also lost the 3rd game to Warren Woolsey as I had 32 ringers out of 50 shoes which was 1 ringer less than Warren. I again lost my 4th game to Bob Logan as I had 27 ringers out of 42 shoes. I played Ron Deckard in the 5th game. I don't believe it counted in the final standings since the other 2 games in the round didn't finish. I did manage to win with the game against Ron as I had 35 ringers out of 50 shoes. Not counting the last game against Ron I had 108 ringers out of 176 shoes for 61.4%. This is about 8% lower than my lowest tournament I have had in 32 years of pitching. I have pitched in bad weather before and it does lower your average, but the bad conditions and my poor pitching added up to this really bad tournament for me. Hopefully in my next tournament I can pitch closer to my average.

The results of the tournament which included the shoes pitched in the game between Ron Deckard and myself were:

Bob Logan 		4  0 134	182	73.6
Ron Deckard		3  1 143	258	55.4
Warren Woolsey		2  2 124	210	59.0
James Adcox 		2  2 117	204	57.4
Walter Ray Williams Jr.	1  3 143	226	63.3
Mark Seibold		0  4  66	140	47.1	
Walter Ray