Here is my report of the mixed distance doubles Florida State championships pitched on 4-17-02 at Clearwater FL.

I was partnered with Jim Adcox who is one of the better elder men players in FL. Last year we won the championship. The games are played to 50 shoes with the 40' player starting the match and the 30' players pitching the next 2 innings. The players also walk to the other end after each 2 innings are pitched so that the players will pitch their own shoes. Unfortunately we had some confusion among the players and scorekeepers as to exactly how the games were to proceed due to fact that these kinds of games are only played once a year. There were 7 teams in the 'A' class which means that there was to be a bye in the round robin.

Our first game was against Eric Ray and Bill Roop. They struggled as we won 62-12. The 2nd game was against Glen Hoppes and Warren Woolsey. They also didn't pitch great against us and we won 39-16. In the 3rd game we played Dave Youngblood and Mike Tatonetti. They struggled after having 2 good first games and we won 61-18. The 4th game we pitched against Robert Zumbahlen and Jerry Huberth. We pitched well in this game and won 54-9. We had a bye in the 5th game and played against Don Minnich and Edwin Fox in game 6. They didn't pitch well at all against us and we won 65-7. In the last match we were against Ron Deckard and Wayne Cowger. They had a great start against us to build up a large lead. We came back to have a 1 point lead going into the last 2 shoes. I pitched needing a double to lock up the win. I went a bit high on my first pitch hitting the top of the peg to go out of the court. My 2nd was a ringer. Ron threw his first shot around the peg and thought he threw the 2nd one on, but it was a bit right getting a point for his team to even the score.

With a tie there was some confusion as to exactly how to break the tie. If the game was continued in the same manner as the game had been played the 30' players would pitch the next 4 shoes. However, after several minutes it was determined that the 30' players would pitch 2 shoes and the 40' players would pitch 2 shoes. Mr. Cowger pitched first as his team scored last and threw a ringer and a point. Mr. Adcox missed to the left and then to the right giving our opponents a 4 point lead. Mr. Deckard threw a ringer and a point which guaranteed a win. I threw a ringer and a short shoe to score one point. We ended up finishing 2nd while the Decard-Cowger team won.

Here is a summary of the tournament.
Opponents			Score	Ringers		Shoes		R%	
Ray-Roop			62-12	22	13	26	24	85	54
Hoppes-Woolsey		39-16	19	19	26	24	73	79
Youngblood-Tatonetti	61-18	16	21	26	24	62	88
Zumbahlen-Huberth		54-9	21	20	26	24	81	83
Minnick-Fox		65-7	21	15	26	24	81	63
Deckard-Cowger		31-34	18	18	28	26	64	69
		5 Wins 1 loss	117	106	158	146	74.1	72.6

I had a poor start in my 3rd and 6th games. I also didn't finish real well against Deckard-Cowger. I was kind disappointed in my performance today, but my partner pitched pretty well considering the format. We happened to have a poor game the last game which was bad timing on our part.

I play in the 40' FL state doubles tomorrow with Byron Jarrett in which we are the defending champions. Then this weekend I will play in MO at the Six Pac Invitational which had current world champion Alan Francis in the field.
Walter Ray