The Villages 3-15-03
Here is my report of horseshoe tournament that was held in The Villages, FL this last Saturday (3-15-03).

There was 6 players in the top class of 40' men. Unfortunately most of the top players were at other tournaments so the competition wasn't as high as I would have liked. Since the 2nd ranked player had an average about 25% below mine, the group was handicapped to make the competition closer. The weather turned out to be almost perfect which was nice considering that we were supposed to get a heavy rain.

My first game was against Tom Hall. He pitched a bit below his entering average while I pitched a bit over my average and I won easily 70-48. In the 2nd game I pitched against Skipper Dickman. I had a slow start with 7 out of 10, but then had a good run to get to 27 out of 32. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the game very well as I kept missing and finished with 37 out of 50 but still won 67-44. In the 3rd game I played against David Youngblood. David gave me the closest game as he pitched a very nice 56% to my 80%. I ended up winning 41-38 with a double in the last pitch to his one. Don Minich was my opponent for game 4. He struggled while I had my best game of the day with 84% for a 74-43 win. Charlie Laramie was down visiting a friend to get out of the cool weather in Michigan and he was my opponent for the 5th and last game. Charlie made the championship class at the world tournament in 1993. We had a very close game with Charlie pitching pretty well in the last half of the game except for the finish when he had a couple of double of misses to allow me to win 50-42.

The results of the entire tournament will be put on the Villages tournament results page at . Or if you would like to check out the Florida charters of which some have results.

The results of the class A which were handicapped.
  Player			W-L	Hcp	Pts	Rng	Shs	 R%
1.Walter Ray Williams Jr	5-0	 0	302	198	250	79.2
2.Skipper Dickman		3-2	39	348	 99	250	39.6
3.Charlie Laramie		2-3	26	283	127	250	50.8
4.Tom Hall		2-3	40	326	 97	250	38.8
5.Don Minich		2-3	37	312	 98	250	39.2
6.David Youngblood		1-4	32	282	130	250	52.0

My results were
Opponent			Score	R	OR	SP	R%	OR%
1.Tom Hall		70-48	40	20	50	80.0	40.0
2.Skipper Dickman		67-44	37	16	50	74.0	32.0
3.David Youngblood		41-38	40	28	50	80.0	56.0
4.Don Minich		74-43	42	19	50	84.0	38.0
5.Charlie Laramie		50-42	39	27	50	78.0	54.0
	Wins 5 Loss 0 		198	110	250	79.2	44.0

Walter Ray