The Villages 4-5-03
Here is my report of horseshoe tournament that was held at The Villages, FL Saturday (4-5-03). There was 5 players in the 'A' class which was a mixed class with 3 players pitching 40' and 2 pitching 30'. The class played 40 point cancellation games with no handicap. My first game was against James Adcox who has won the 30' elder men's state title several times. The last time we played against each other I lost. This time however, Jim didn't pitch very well and I managed a decent game to win easily 40-8 with 81%.

My 2nd game was against Ron Deckard who is the current Florida Men's state champion. He pitched a decent game, but was a pinch below his average. I pitched a very good game and won 41-14 with 85%.

My 3rd game was against Mark Seibold who retired at an early age (48) and has been wintering down in Florida for the last 2 winters. Mark is a past Jr Boys and Men's World champion. I have pitched Mark many times over the years, but he hasn't pitched quite up to his potential in the last 10+ years. Mark had a slow start and a poor finish, but had a great middle against me. I had a really good start and kind of a slower finish, and won 40-16 with another nice game of 85%.

My last game of the round robin was against Warren Woolsey who is the current 30' elder men's state champion. He was struggling in his earlier games but did manage to throw a few ringers against me, but it was still about 10% below his normal game. I was kind of struggling at the beginning of the game, but started to throw some ringers at the end of the game to finish with a 41-23 win with 79%. I finished the day with no losses which meant that I won the group. I was a bit disappointed that my opponents basically all struggled in the tournament.

I was the only one in the top class who pitched over their entering average for the day. It was the best tournament that I have had in almost 2 years as I averaged 82.9% while my entering average was 78.0%. Hopefully this is a preview of things to come for me this summer. My next scheduled horseshoe tournament is at the end of April when I pitch in Statesville, North Carolina. The week after is one of the bigger tournaments of the year, the SixPac Invitational at New Melle, Missouri near St. Louis.

In the near future the results of the entire tournament will be put on the Villages tournament results page at Or if you would like to check out the Florida charters of which some have results.

The results of the class A.
  Player			W-L	Pts	Rng	Shs	 R%	
1.Walter Ray Williams Jr	4-0	163	174	210	82.9	
2.Ron Deckard		3-1	136	148	226	65.5
3.Warren Woolsey		1-3	121	151	240	62.9
4.Mark Seibold		1-3	103	133	220	60.4
5.James Adcox		1-3	 93	112	200	56.0

My results were 
Opponent		Score	R	OR	SP	R%	OR%
1.James Adcox	41-8	31	20	38	81.6	52.6
2.Ron Deckard	41-14	46	37	54	85.2	68.5
3.Mark Seibold	40-16	51	43	60	85.0	71.7
4.Warren Woolsey	41-23	46	40	58	79.3	69.0
			Wins 4 Loss 0 174  140  220	82.9 63.6

Walter Ray