Bradenton FL Horseshoe Tournament    Dec 20, 2003

Here is my report of the Bradenton tournament held at Bradenton, Florida on Dec 20th, 2003.

I was expecting the tournament to be a scratch tournament since there was a pretty good group of players, but the tournament director felt that the percentage spread was too much and the players were handicapped. The group was made up of myself, 4 elder men and one lady horseshoe pitcher, so I was the only one pitching 40'. I normally don't mind pitching against the 30' players as they usually can give me pretty good competition. My first game was against Ray Hood who doesn't take a step in his delivery. We had a very close game as we ended up in a tie at the end of the 50 shoes. My 2nd game was against John Gensman who I was pitching against for the first time. Neither one of us pitched very well and I managed a win due to my getting 9 more single points than him. Game 3 was against Rosalie Judy from West Virginia. Ms. Judy pitched a very good game and even though I pitched my best game of the day she beat me scratch. Since she got handicap over me she won the game very easily. My 4th game was against Robert Zumbahlen who moved up to 30' this year. I kept telling him to move up to 30' last season when he turned 70 and he did. He is pitching much better, but took it easy on me. I didn't pitch that great against 'Zoomer' and we also ended up in a tie. The last game of the day was against Warren Woolsey who I have pitched many times in the last couple of years in both tournaments and practice rounds. He was only getting 3 points of handicap, but he didn't need them as he beat me by 1 point scratch as we both had 72%. I only ended up averaging 71.6% which isn't very good for me, but better than the day before. I will need to pitch several good tournaments before May 15th so that I can be one of the seeded players into the championship class of the World tournament coming summer.

Opponent	    W/L/T	Ringers	Shoes	MR%	OR%
Ray Hood	T	37-31		50	74.0	62.0
John Gensman	W	31-26		50	62.0	52.0
Rosalie Judy	L	39-42		50	78.0	84.0
Bob Zumbahlen	T	36-31		50	72.0	62.0
Warren Woolsey	L	36-36		50	72.0	72.0
			     179-166     250	72.0	66.4

   Player, State	Win	Loss Ring  Shoes  R%
1. Warren Woolsey, FL	4	1    178   250   71.20 
2. W Ray Hood, FL	3.5	1.5  157   250   62.80   
3. Rosalie Judy, WV	3.5	1.5  187   250   74.80   
4. Robert Zumbahlen, FL 2	3    170   250   68.00
5. Walter Ray Williams, 2	3    179   250   71.60
6. John Gensman, MI	0	5    139   250   55.60
Walter Ray