Villages FL Horseshoe Tournament    Dec 27, 2003

Here is my report of the Village #5 horseshoe tournament held at The Villages, Florida on Dec 27th, 2003.

The top group was comprised of myself, Warren Woolsey, James Adcox, and Robert Zumbahlen. We were scheduled to play a double round robin with 40 point games since we had entering averages within about 11% of each other. My first game was against Robert 'Zoomer' Zumbahlen. I had a very good start and he had a horrible game as he never was able to get a double and I won 45-4. My 2nd game was against James Adcox. We were having a pretty close game as I was struggling just a bit, but Jim had a bad finish to allow me to win 41-28. Game 3 was against Warren Woolsey. I pitched my best game of the day, which is more like the way I would like to play all of the time, while Warren never really got going and I won easily 40-14. Game 4 was my 2nd game against Zoomer and he started out pitching some ringers. I was really struggling and we were having a very close game. A good finish by me and I ended up winning 42-29. My 2nd game against James Adcox wasn't quite as close as I pitched better and Jim didn't. I ended up winning 43-13. Since all of the other players had lost at least 3 games and I had all wins I had the group win sewn up with one game to play. My last game was the 2nd against Warren Woolsey. He was fighting for 2nd place. We pitched a decent game, but Warren was still not quite pitching as many ringers as he normally does and I ended up winning 40-30. This was my best tournament since last May. I only wish that my opponents had pitched a bit better to test me a bit better. Since I am going on tour the first week of January I probably won't be pitching in any tournaments until March. Hopefully my bowling picks back up also!

Opponent	      Score  Ringers  Shoes	MR%	OR%
Robert Zumbahlen	45-4	23-10	28	82.1	35.7
James Adcox		41-28	43-40	58	74.1	69.0
Warren Woolsey		40-14   48-39	56	85.7	69.6
Robert Zumbahlen	42-29   53-50	74	71.6	67.6
James Adcox		43-13   44-34	54	81.5	63.0
Warren Woolsey		40-30   43-40	56	76.8	71.4
Wins 6 Losses 0  	251-118 254-213   326	77.9	65.3	
   Player, State		Win Loss Ring  Shoes 	R%
1. Walter Ray Williams Jr, FL	6  0	254	326	77.9
2. Warren Woolsey, FL		2  4   	241	366  	65.8
3. James Adcos, FL		2  4	172	332	65.4
4. Robert Zumbahlen, FL 	2  4	205	328	62.5
Walter Ray