Transcript of our latest ‘Chat’ with Walter Ray held on [Mon Sep 08 20:29:11 EDT 2003]

Walter Ray: Walter Ray Williams Jr -


<Walter Ray> Hi

<billybob> hello

<Walter Ray> I see dad and Steve are on, who else is in here?

> Hi WR, not many people here yet

<Walter Ray> How did your state go, Steve?

<billybob> so walter u leaving wednesday for japan?

> was a rainy cool weekend..  we got it in but it wasnt much fun

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<Walter Ray> Yes, I have a 9:10 am flight out of Orlando, connecting in Chicago. I will be there

    for about 12 days. 2 tournaments and a few exhibitions.

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<Walter Ray> I pitched horseshoes this weekend left handed. Averaged 60%. Better than I was  expecting. That makes it more fun.

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[Mon Sep 08 20:33:24 EDT 2003] Burly: profile???

> haaaaaaa...  somehow i knew you would get better and better even left handed,  Hi Paige

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<M-I-L> Hello, Lyle.........Thanks for coming to the chat

<Lyle> hi all

<Paige> Hi Scooter....and everyone else!

<Burly> Hi Paige and scooter and all the rest

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[Mon Sep 08 20:35:07 EDT 2003] Walter Ray:

<Walter Ray> Sorry, I guess it won't let me surf.

<M-I-L> The chat may not be well attended tonight as we were not able to send email to the  mailing list.

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<Walter Ray> Any questions.

<Lyle> i only found out cuz i logged on

<M-I-L> No surfing.  You belong to us for this hour.

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<Lyle> Hi Walter.  I met you at Mohegan Sun last year.  Did you like the place?

<Walter Ray> Mohegan Sun is quite a nice place, but I am not much of a gambler. I leave that  for my wife.

<Paige> Hey...I heard that!

<Walter Ray> Nobody has any questions?

<Lyle> i have some, i just dont want to be a hog

<Walter Ray> Well, somebody has to get this started.

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<Lyle> Do you feel you start the tour at the top of your game or does it take a few weeks?

<Burly> Hi to all. Hope this year is at least as good as last!!!!!!!

<Pfeif> Ok, how about thoughts on the format changes, positive or negative?

<Walter Ray> Since I haven't been in much competition, it might take a week or two, but I am   planning on doing the best I can at each tournament.

<Burly> Stewlie vibes are on the way again   grin!!!!

<Walter Ray> The changes to the format for this year are a step in the right direction, but I am  not thrilled about the elimination formats.

<Pfeif> Do you like the idea of posting the tournament patterns in advance on

<Walter Ray> It will be interesting to see how next year works out with elimination matches  from the get go.

<Walter Ray> I don't have any problem with posting patterns ahead of time.

<Walter Ray> If a player wants to miss a week because of a certain pattern, then maybe they  should work on their game.

<zooman> HI after having such a good year have you signed with any ball company's yet

<Walter Ray> I haven't signed with any ball companies yet.

<Pfeif> Do you like the returning centers on the schedule, and will you miss going to any of the   stops that were omitted from this years schedule (Vegas)

<Paige> I miss Erie!  I love Erie!  They were SO nice to us there!

<Pfeif> I miss you going to Erie too!!!

<zooman> Do you feel the changes in the pba willbetter the spot

<Walter Ray> It is nice to travel around the country and see the different people and places. We  do like a few places more than others like Erie.

<Walter Ray> I have bowled well in Las Vegas, but like I said before I am not much of a

    gambler, of course we will be in Reno for 2 weeks.

<Paige's Mom> Paige, are you there?

<Paige> Two weeks....aaargh!  I better pace myself!

<Paige> Yes Mom....

<Walter Ray> I don't know that the changes to the format will help the PBA, but that is part of  their (the PBA office) plan and it is a whole pie kind of thing.

<Pfeif> Will the sponsor teams be the same for this season as they were last?

[Mon Sep 08 20:52:06 EDT 2003] Walter Ray:

<Walter Ray> I got kicked off and I didn't go surfing this time.

<zooman> do you like wood or synthetic lanes

<Walter Ray> It doesn't really matter to me what the surface of the lanes are, but I prefer wood  approaches.

<Lyle> Do you ever reject a newly drilled ball because it doesn't feel right?

<Paige's Mom> PFEIF - you'll have to repeat your question......about sponsors

<Pfeif> No problem...will the teams be the same this year as they were last?

<Walter Ray> To me, feel is very important. But I use a customized thumb insert so that my  bowling balls feel very much the same.

<Walter Ray> The teams will be the same with a couple of new ones. I think that 1 player can  be replaced.

<Pfeif> So you'll still be using the famed oder-eaters orange plastic?

<Walter Ray> Hopefully I won't be using the Odor-Eaters ball as often!!

<Paige> Does anyone besides me think that orange ball looks like a billards 5 ball?

<Lyle> now that you mention it...

<Pfeif> it does

<Lyle> about how many mpg do you get with your RV?

<Paige> you m ean gallons to mile right? LOL

<Walter Ray> We get about 7 mpg with our motorhome towing a car.

<Lyle> lol

<Pfeif> Is the motorhome ready for another year on tour...hopefully without the problems of last year?

<Walter Ray> And an oil change is only 10 gallons.

<Paige> HaHa....we dropped it off this AM for MORE repairs. Trying to keep the water from  freezing "AGAIN"

<Walter Ray> All RV's have something wrong with them.  Most of them are small.

<Walter Ray> Imagine your house bumping down the road. And there is always something you  can fix at your house.

<Pfeif> yeah

<Pfeif> Do you know of any rookies that are ones to watch for?

[Mon Sep 08 21:03:13 EDT 2003] Walter Ray:

<zooman> Do you bowl better in the warm or the cold

<Walter Ray> Did you get my last response.

<Paige> no response to rookie question

<Paige's Mom> Ooops, WR missed Pfeif's Rookie question I think?

<Walter Ray> I have bowled well and poorly in both warm and cold weather, but 68 degrees  inside seems to be about right.

<Walter Ray> I don't know who the new rookies are, but I bet there are going to be some good  bowlers.

<Walter Ray> Apparently it doesn't like my long answers and it boots me off!

<Lyle> do you feel that today's equipment technology changed the learning process for

    somebody starting out on tour compared to when you started?

<zooman> Is the travel the toughest part of being on tour

<Walter Ray> I would say that lane conditions is a bigger factor. The newer bowling balls are good on certain conditions.

<Walter Ray> Too many times good bowlers aren't really tested on challenging lane conditions  until they try PBA tournaments.

<Walter Ray> Traveling can be a bit of a grind, but I don't mind it. Sometimes though the drives  can be a bit (3600 miles).

<Paige> And he has a CRANKY woman in the RV with him! : )

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<Pfeif> Does your degree in Physics help you on tour?

<Walter Ray> Hi Pat & NG

<Paige> Hi Pat and NG

<Lyle> in a TV match, what are some subtle adjustments you might make that the viewers or  announcers usually don't notice?

<Pat from Ohio> Hello everyone!

<Walter Ray> Making subtle adjustments is a part of being a good bowler. Moving your feet 1  board one way or your target.

<Paige's Mom> Jump in Pat and NG....You have questions or comments for Walter Ray?

<Pat from Ohio> What do you think of the exempt tour?

<Walter Ray> Sometimes it is a feel thing, where you might need to slow down, or try and get  more rotation on the ball.

<Paige> I think he will hate it if he isn't in the top 50 Pat! LOL

<Pat from Ohio> Yeah in about 10 years

<Walter Ray> I don't know that an exempt tour is necessary, but sometimes players need a  little help in deciding if they belong on tour.

<Walter Ray> The problem is that it usually takes rookies a couple of years to figure out how to  bowl well on tour.

<Paige> How will new guys get on tour?  I haven't heard that part yet!

<Walter Ray> And if the qualifying systems aren't really good, some of the good bowlers might   get left out of it.

<Pat from Ohio> I would think the guys that REALLY know whats going on should have an edge

<Pat from Ohio> Kinda like the late 80's thru mid 90's

<Pfeif> Is Walter Ray already exempt for his World Championship win?

<Walter Ray> Next year there will be 10 guys from a qualifying tournament (5 days). Then the  next year the top players in eachregional

<Lyle> nah, he'll be lucky to get in the rabbit squads i think

<Walter Ray> plus 7 players from a qualifying tournament.

<Pat from Ohio> Maybe they'll make them hook again

<Pat from Ohio> Dig out your grey Angle

<Paige> WR - did you answer the question about your physics helping you on tour?  Missed it?

<Walter Ray> Starting this next year winners will be exempt for the next season, but not that  season.

<Paige> That's not right! LOL

<Pat from Ohio> The best thing i see though is thru change there could be a great SENIOR tour  someday

<Walter Ray> I don't think the lanes will hook very much, most of the modern players wouldn't  like it.

<Paige> I am NEVER going to get out of bowling centers am I? lol

<Walter Ray> I think my Physics helps me see bowling a bit differently than most bowlers. More  of a percentages game.

<Pat from Ohio> Maybe someday

<Walter Ray> Hopefully the PBA will be able to help the Senior tour, but right now they are still   trying to fix the tour and make it profitable.

<Paige> Do you know who is announcing this year?

<Pat from Ohio> Nelson Burton

<Lyle> really?

<Pat from Ohio> & Holman

<Pat from Ohio> : )

<Walter Ray> I would guess that Randy and Dave are announcing again. But I don't know for  sure.

<Walter Ray> I think that Bo and Marshall would do a great job, but I am not in charge.

<Paige> I want to be in charge! lol

<zooman> Are you going to use the same equipment that you finished with last year

<Lyle> quick pick:  Taco Bell or Morton'?

<Paige> I vote MORTON

<Pat from Ohio> I would like to see someone from 10-20 years ago be the TV crew....more of  where bowling came from and not this new WWF stuff

<Walter Ray> I will use whatever equipment that I can get my hands into that I think will strike  the most.

<Pfeif> why not hire jam schmidt?

<Pfeif> lol

<Walter Ray> Taco Bell if it is late, Morton's if I have the time and I don't have to bowl later on.

<Pat from Ohio> I hope eventually there are more tournaments and not a layoff like it is

<Walter Ray> I think that Jan Schmidt does a good job with the ladies tour.

<Pfeif> Im not sure...I think that Earl may have been the best

<Walter Ray> Right now the PBA is losing money, so until they have sponsors for every

    tournament, there won't be too many more in the season.

<Pat from Ohio> Chris Schenkel is on oxygen now

<Paige> I want for him to bowl all summer and stay home in the winter...I want to stay in FL in  the winter! I hate snow!

<Pat from Ohio> Toledo, Buffalo, Detroit now your talking

<Walter Ray> Sorry to hear about Chris, he is a great person.

<Paige> Brrrr...

<Paige> Chris IS and always will be the voice of bowling IMHO!  Wonderful man!

<Pat from Ohio> Yeah i know he was. I saw on tv the other day he has oxygen hooked up 2 him  and you could tell he was a little slow

<Pat from Ohio> Bowling was more fun watching it from home when was the the tv announcer

<Walter Ray> I had dinner with Don & Paula Carter last month and they are both doing great.

<Lyle> how does it affect you when you are bowling somebody who is clearly the hometown  favorite?

<Paige> So Ray, what did you think of WR becoming an pro bowler? Did you think he "had  what it took" (Ray is WR's Dad)

<Pat from Ohio> Where i am at in Ohio Roy Buckley is also still hanging

<Walter Ray> Most of the crowds are pretty reasonable to the players, but with the new format  it might be a little bit different.

<Pat from Ohio> I heard they hired Morganna for the first event

<Paige> !Hello Lol! Welcome to the chat room.

<Lyle> do you find there is a correlations between how easily you are recognized in public and  how often you make a TV appearance?

<Paige> Is Morganna still around? lol

<Walter Ray> It looks like we will have to try this again right before the tour starts. Maybe while  we are driving down the road!

<Pat from Ohio> I haven'e seen her anywhere for years

<Walter Ray> I would say that the more you are on TV the more you are recognized. This last  year they replayed a bunch of TV shows I was on.

<Paige's Mom> NO watching monitors while you're driving down the road! But we will try the  chat again.

<Pat from Ohio> yeah and i just watched a show from like 1987 here. Luv the hair

<Paige> It still cracks me up when people recognize him outside the bowling centers!

<Walter Ray> I don't get recognized by everybody, but I get a lot of 'I know you'.

<Paige> Did he have the perm Pat?  I loved that hair!

<Pat from Ohio> yep!

<Paige> He looked GOOD! lol

<Walter Ray> Not any more!

<Pat from Ohio> i think i had 1 too back in the day

<Walter Ray> Way too much trouble.

<Paige> I had a few poodle years myself! haha

<Lyle> is it true you were the driving force behind getting the no beard rule thrown out?

<Walter Ray> I do need to get my hair cut tomorrow though.

<Pat from Ohio> I think you should ! Things come in cycles

<Walter Ray> I wasn't the only one who thought that facial hair was ok.

<Pat from Ohio> then maybe someone will latch on to (enforsements)

<Pfeif> Any chance we will see some new fashion from you this year?

<Paige> He is just too lazy to shave! It isn't a political statement!

<Pat from Ohio> Its fun though to watch how things have changed from old tapes

<Walter Ray> Depends on your idea of fashion.

<Walter Ray> They won't let me wear shorts in competition.

<Pfeif> will you be wearing more of the b-line shirts that we saw the second half of last year, or  some retro shirts?

<Pfeif> lol

<Pat from Ohio> Down where you guys are at they should have some nice Jamaiican stuff

<Walter Ray> I don't care for retro shirts and that other company owes me money.

<Paige> Oh please don't give him any ideas!

<Pat from Ohio> or maybe you could wear a tear-away and rip it off and flex

<Paige> I am PO'd at B LINE!

<Walter Ray> I think my flexing would be more for laughs.

<Walter Ray> Kind of like Pete.

<Paige> Bring your sunglasses....that chest is SHINING WHITE lol

<Walter Ray> Should I shave it?

<zooman> NO

<Pat from Ohio> nope, then you'd be like wiseman

<Paige> Chest or beard?

<Lyle> have you looked at any of the webcast replays to study your game?

<Walter Ray> I hope you guys had fun. Maybe next month we can promo a chat better and have a few more people.

<Pat from Ohio> I though there would be a few more here but thats the way bowling is


<Pat from Ohio> people just don't care

<Paige> We lost  a function of our mass email list Pat...think that was the problem

<Paige> Last time we had bunches for it!

<Pat from Ohio> and they can actually learn something here for free

<Paige's Mom> We were unable to use our mailing service to contact people on our list. Sorry,  but great for the guys who came!!

<Pfeif> i agree

<Pat from Ohio> You can fax thru email to do it

<Paige> Thanks to everyone who came!  We will try to do it again!

<Paige's Mom> Pat contact me at with more on the fax thing??

<Pat from Ohio> if you want my wife is an expert with that kind of thing

<Paige> Bye everyone!

<Paige's Mom> great will welcome help!  Night everybody!

<Pat from Ohio> alright cya in Toledo