One of our visitors to the Chat on Wed Dec 11, Dan B-F was kind enough to forward a transcript of the chat from the time he entered (which was fairly early) till the end. We appreciate it very much, since we didn't manage to get that done at the time. Thanks Dan!

<Dan B-F> Hi, I'm Dan, how's everyone?

<Paige> Hi Dan....I feel like "Cheers" lol

<WRW> It is tougher for the men due to the PBA rules for logos,

    sponsorship. Basically the PBA would have to get a large payment

    first. But great for Kim.

<Kevin H> paige, your the funny one right? lol

<Tom> Walter, what kind of shot do you expect at the T of C? I heard 50

    feet and if so where would you play on the lanes

<Dave Roberts> What ball brand you going with in the TOC

<Paige> Definitely.....I have a "warped" sense of humor....

<Kevin H> see, i knew we were a like.

<Kevin H> ijust kidding

<WRW> I don't know what ball, line or speed I will use at the TOC

<Dave Roberts> Alder might pose in playboy

<Paige> lol....K.....

[Wed Dec 11 20:17:27 EST 2002] Errol: WRW fan

<Kevin H> how long does it take you to figure out the lanes and the

    liones to use?

<Paige> Hi Errol

<Eddie and Steven> Paige...we have to go..You guys have a Merry

    Xmas,etc..and stay away from flashes this weekend

<Dan B-F> what a bummer about the flash incident..

<gz> have you thrown any Ebonite so far this year?

<Errol> Hiya

<Kevin H> send me the copy. lol

<Pat O'Brien> Walter, do you think the 50 foot pattern will cause the

    problems for the power bowlers?

<Bill Carns> Hi Paige

<Paige> By Eddie & Steven....merry Xmas!

<Paige> Hi Bill....How are you?

<bob f> will the pattern be a christmas tree type pattern

<WRW> It depends on the condition. Easy conditions are easier to

    figure out. The tougher ones take more time.

[Wed Dec 11 20:18:21 EST 2002] Mike Baudoux: Tacky

<Errol> WRW, who are you going to beat to win the TOC, so we can

    enter your contest?

<Bill Carns> good, freezing my buttoff back here in PA

<Tim> bill, what side of the state?

<Tom> besides yourself, who do like in the T of C?

<Stu Douglas> now thats a secret Errol

<Errol> lol

<Bill Carns> west, just south of erie

<rb> what do you focus on to throw ringers in horseshoe? I need to

    throw more

<Dan B-F> Waltery Ray, don't let Mark catch back up to you in titles :)

<Paige> Yeah....I played golf today...It was gorgeous here....NO SNOW


<WRW> We are drawing opponents tomorrow night. Hopefully I will win

    5 matches

<Dave Roberts> what is your favorite drilling

<Tom> kinda says it all doesn't it?

<WRW> When I pitch, I look at the stake.

<Kevin H> at least at we can watch shot by shot

[Wed Dec 11 20:19:35 EST 2002] Terri:

<Mick> I think he means top bottom or middle WR

<WRW> I usually use pins at 1:30

[Wed Dec 11 20:19:54 EST 2002] Vipergal has no profile.

<Billie Sue> Hey Hi Terri..........She's our newest DIEHARD

<gz> Walter is it true you rarely change layouts on your balls?

<Paige> Hi Terri....go "Diehards"

<Tim> what do you think of the senior/regional players chances this

    week, can they hang with the big guys?

<Kevin H> well i am going to back out of here.

<Paige> See ya Kevin...

<WRW> I don't change layouts very much. I kind of like a ball to hook on

    the back end since I don't hook the ball a lot.

<Paul Stewart> IGP

<Kevin H> it was nice chatting watler and paige. good luck and see yoiu

    again i hope.

<Paige> Merry Xmas!  Hope you have been "good" lol

<Errol> Need to go to league, gl in the TOC, bye Paige....

<Kevin H> always do thanks

<Terri> Hey Paige!

<WRW> In this format, I would give the regional/senior players their

    best chance in this tournament.

<Paige> Bye Errol....take care and bowl well!

<A Fan> **Paige do you bowl?  League?**

<Vipergal> Signing off , take care WRW, Paige & Paul... See you

    maybe in 2003 on tour

<gz> Walter, i notice that most top players rarely change layouts, just

    cover and ball. Why do they do this?

<Paige> Me bowl....about once every 3 or 4 years. I spend WAY too

    much time in the center now. Not what I want to do with my "free"


<gz> example Norm always uses an extra hole on his axis

<Mick> I need more consistancy in my horseshoe game......what do you

    think is the most important part of the delivery of the shoe to gain


<WRW> I don't pay that much attention to other bowlers, but why

    should I change something that works!

<gz> good point

[Wed Dec 11 20:23:00 EST 2002] 6th Arrow has no profile.

<Dave Roberts> and works very good

<Dan B-F> WR, do you feel the format of the TOC leaves too much to "chance"?

<Billie Sue> What Paul?

<WRW> Mick, A really good follow through. And practice, practice,


<Mick> I knew the practice part :)

<WRW> Dam B-F,  YES

<rb> <rb>do you like bowling or horseshoe better

<WRW> Sorry Dan!!

[Wed Dec 11 20:24:10 EST 2002] Al Lione has no profile.

<Paul Stewart> BS,  I got to go IGP

<Dan B-F> WR, no prob, :)

<Tom> walter, do you enjoy this type of sprint-like format?

<Billie Sue> WR I thought you were cussin your mother in law!

<WRW> I used to like horseshoes, but lately it has been bowling!

[Wed Dec 11 20:24:35 EST 2002] swayer has no profile.

[Wed Dec 11 20:25:05 EST 2002] Al Lione: PBA east region bowler

[Wed Dec 11 20:25:14 EST 2002] Terri:

<WRW> BS, I would only do that if you weren't around!

<Paul Stewart> same here WR

<Paige> That's it WR....coal in your stocking....


<Dave Roberts> I suppose there will be lots of dull balls at the TOC

<A Fan> **how's your golf game WRW and Paige?**

<WRW> Take care Ms Bev!!

<Tom> ouch...that hurt

<Pat O'Brien> The coal will keep you warm in CT

<Paige> Thanks all too, take care and Merry Xmas

<Al Lione> Hey this is pretty neat.... not a bad turnout! :)

<WRW> My golf game was very bad today.  But it was nice outside, wore shorts!!

<Dave Roberts> 47 here in good old North Dakota

<Paul Stewart> did Paige beat you ??

<rb> what is the best % game of shoe have you thrown

<A Fan> I live in Florida, like you, and it was overcast and a little cold.....

<Paige> Hey Fan, WR is good. I am a hacker...but I did beat him for 9 holes today (me-49, him 52)...but that was AWFUL for

    him. He is about a 4. Iam about a 18.

<WRW> I managed to beat Paige by one stroke.

[Wed Dec 11 20:27:51 EST 2002] Al Sandham has no profile.

<A Fan> very good u 2

<Pat O'Brien> WRW, Speaking of golf, what's your handicap?

<WRW> RB- 13 perfect games.  Or 92% for a 180 shoe game.

<Paige> We were just happy to be outside w/out long-johns...been so cold up north

<WRW> Pat, my handicap used to be 3, but I think it is going up, way up.

<Billie Sue> Evening, Al

<Al Lione> Shouldn't you be in Connecticut ?

<Pat O'Brien> I would settle for 3

<Tom> tell me about it ...last thursday i had to climb out of my window

<rb> got to go, thanks

<WRW> I am flying up tomorrow.

<Paul Stewart> Hi Al, say hi to Irus...

<Billie Sue> bye, rb........don't forget to enter the contest

<Tim> WRW, did you know dan glus?

[Wed Dec 11 20:30:01 EST 2002] al sandham has no profile.

<Dan B-F> WR, any idea how many years more you'll bowl on tour full-time?

<6th Arrow> What do you think of Dukes performance a couple of weeks ago?

<gz> WRW when you're practicing, do you work on anything specific or just to keep your timing?

<Paige> We were extremely saddened to hear about Dan. He was a wonderful man and will be missed by many! Our

    thoughts are with his family.

<WRW> Tim, Yes I knew Dan.  He was one of the great things about winning a tournament.  He interviewed the champ!

[Wed Dec 11 20:30:53 EST 2002] Casey Sluys: NHPA publicity director

[Wed Dec 11 20:31:11 EST 2002] Pismo has no profile.

<Tim> I agree Paige, he did so much for youth bowling in my area,

<Billie Sue> Casey, what is NHPA?

<WRW> Dan B-F, I will bowl on tour as long as I do decent.  It is frustrating when you don't do well.

<Paige> That Duke Traber match was one of the best I have ever seen!

[Wed Dec 11 20:31:43 EST 2002] natstatguy has no profile.

<Tom> i agree it was so gutsy on both men

<Billie Sue> Hi Glenn or is it one "n"

<al sandham> Hi everyone if you type as slow as me all you have time for is hi!

<Casey Sluys> NHPA is the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association

<Pismo> hey

<WRW> 6th - Norm bowled very well and it was nice to see him win.  Great match he and Dave T had

<Dan B-F> WR, you're off to a great start this year. Are you hoping for your 6th POY?

<swayer> Are you planning anything for cali around the U.S. open?

<Terri> Are you guys going to the Dallas TX tournament in Feb?

<WRW> I would like to be player of the year again, and if I could win a big one it would sure help.

<Paige> T - planning on it.  Unless something goofy happens.

<Dave Roberts> WRW try the new GRYPHON by visionary this week

<WRW> I am planning on bowling all of the tournaments

<natstatguy> Hi Billie Sue - it is two n's

<Mike Baudoux> Walter good luck in the Tof C     Your my pick to Win !

<Casey Sluys> hi Glennnnnnnnn

<Tom> walter, who has in all fairness bowled better this are Buzz?

<Paige> Hey Mike...tell the other guys OK? lol

<A Fan> Your my pick, too...

<Tom> sorry you OR Buzz?

<natstatguy> Hi WR  got your new program but have no tournament to run till Jan or Feb

<WRW> Chris had bowled very well.  Pretty even to me.  If he had won, he would definitely be ahead.

<Mike Baudoux> The ice man will be lookin down on it this week Paige !

<Dave Roberts> what new program

<Paige> Yes, Mike he will and loving every minute of it....he will have the best seat in the house....right next to Earl!

<WRW> I wrote a computer program which is used to keep stats at some horseshoe tournaments and I made some

    improvements to it.

<Casey Sluys> WRW wrote a stats program for horseshoe pitching, that's what glenn means

<Dan B-F> is "Buzz" a nickname for Chris Barnes?

<Mike Baudoux> Why Cant we have those 2 as announcers ?

<Al Lione> What language is it written in? I do software engineering for a living :)

<Pismo> Hey Walter Ray how mad were you about the flash on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)?

<Paige> Now THAT would be fabulous Mike...

<Paige> 48

<Dave Roberts> who is iceman

<WRW> It was written in QBasic which is a problem now with the new printers, I am trying to change it to Visual Basic. It is

    going to take some time!!

<Mick> WR...what is the ideal height to throw a shoe???

<Tom> Dan, if you've ever seen Barnes smile he's got that Buzz Lightyear chin and smile to him

<Paige> Iceman is Dan Glus Dave

<WRW> Pismo - about 9.  But I calmed down fairly quick because I realized it was an accident.

<Tim> In that case, I agree, Dan would have so much fun with thta

<WRW> Mick,  I tend to throw about 9 1/2 feet, but I like to throw about 9 or a bit less.

<Paige> WR got over it faster than me...that guy was lucky he wasn't sitting next to me....grrr

<Dan B-F> Tom, thanks for explaing about Buzz  :)

<Tom> sure thing...

<Paul Stewart> thats what me & your mom said too.....

<Tom> think paige was ready to run over the flash guy with the motor home

<swayer> Nice bit of sarcastic humor later on

<Tim> Paige, I think that guy is lucky it wasnt anybody other than WRW on the approach

<Mike Baudoux> Good thing That didnt happen when Marshall Holman was bowling Walter !

<Tom> you could only imagine what marshall would have done to the poor guy

<Tim> or pete

<Mick> one last question........I had problems this past year with some very long shoes that felt SO good......would you have

    any idea why??

<Paige> Could you see Marshall .... that WOULD have made

<Dan B-F> did he click the button by accident, or was he trying to take a photo?

<swayer> I still think he was a Barnes fan

<Pismo> WR... You ready for the TofC

<Tom> Buzz might have slipped him a 20 before the show

<WRW> Mick, Long shoes (Horseshoes) might be because you had a good strong follow through. I like to accelerate my


<Dave Roberts> WRW good luck at the TOC

<Stu Douglas> Read Walter Rays Report and it will tell you about the photo incedent

<Pat O'Brien> Walter, do you use some kind of program to store your frame by frame results? Or do you just stiil do that with

    pen and paper and convert tham to html later??

<Paige> Our FABULOUS webmaster does that for us...I fax him WR's score sheet and he has a way to make it pretty up

    there onthe site

<Mike Baudoux> Paige I'll Email you later I got so info for you  !

<Paige> Thanks M....would appreciate it.

<WRW> Pat - I do the pen & paper and then fax the results to our webmaster - Scooter, who wrote a program for entering

    those pins. It takes a while, but he does it.

<Mick> Thank you WR.....wish you all the luck in the world in TOC.

<Pat O'Brien> Paige, that must be Scooter you're talking about.

<Scooter> Yep thats me

<Paige> Scooter it is and "scoot" he does! lol

<Dave Roberts> thanks wrw

<Pismo> Walter i was seeing that you have qbasic is that true?

<A Fan> Scooter  and WRW thanks so much for the score sheet info and all the stats......

<Scooter> welcome

<WRW> Psimo, Yes and also Visual Basic, but not as familiar with that.

<Paige> I like it when Scooter beats that PBA site....just me being

[Wed Dec 11 20:44:55 EST 2002] Walt has no profile.

<Mike Baudoux> Walter if you make the tv show hand out camaras to everyone and tell them use them against the other guy !

<Casey Sluys> Need to go Gails got dinner on here on the West coast.  Best of luck WR form Gail, Daniel Travis and me!

<swayer> LOL

<Paul Stewart> I don't call him Scooter, he is"Lighting" to me

<WRW> If I make the show, I am going to take a picture of the TV camera when I get introduced!!

<Paige> Bye Casey...tell Miss Gail I said "Hi"

<Billie Sue> Bye Casey!  Thanks for coming here tonight!

<Tom> ok, I've got a paper due so to walter, good luck in CT, hope to see you make the show an paige, keep the cameras


<Mike Baudoux> wear the hat too 1

<WRW> Nice chatting with you Casey

<Paige> Bye Tom....take care and Merry Xmas

<Tom> you'am

<Paige> lol Tom

<Pat O'Brien> Walter it was great to hear you on Lenny's (Phantom) web show.  Any idea when it's going to be Paige's turn?

<Al Lione> WR thats a cool idea! You should take a pic of the camera *when* you make this show this week :)

<Paige> I am DEFINITELY not a ma'am lol

<Tom> oh, the William Paterson Bowling team all says hello

<Tom> sorry miss

<Pismo> WR... when do you leave chating

<Dave Roberts> CYA WRW and Paige thanks good luck

<Paige> Bye Dave....thanks for coming!

<WRW> I hear it will be a couple of weeks for Paige to be on Phantoms radio show

<Tom> later all...

<Paige> Yeah, don't forget to send questions everyone!

<Walt> Hey Walter I'm a fellow PBA bowler. We met over lunch in between matches at Ft. Pierce.

<Paige> Check the site for details!

<WRW> Hi Walt

<Al Lione> Hi Walt... I bowl in the east region.

<Pat O'Brien> Thanks Paige!

<Walt> What was the shot like a couple of weeks ago Walter ? I missed you on the show.

<WRW> Walt, which show?

<Mike Baudoux> Walter what line do you think you'll be playying this week ?

<Walt> I think it was in Philadelphia? It looked like a shoot out

<WRW> I don't know where I will be playing, I will find out Friday for sure when the matches start.

<swayer> where is your favorite stop on tour?

<Paige> Mine is/was Erie.  They just LOVE the PBA there

<Mike Baudoux> do you have a prefrence inside or outside ?

<WRW> Walt, In Phily, they had the bumpers up. I had a good shot, but I didn't strike enough and had too many opens. Read

    my report.

<Paul Stewart> Good Night Walter Ray & Paige, I will be pulling as hard as a Gray Mule for you this weekend WR.

<Billie Sue> Walter Ray, when is the first day you'll bowl?  And will it be desginated "A" - "B"?

<Tim> Erie, too bad you arent goin back, they do love the PBA though

<WRW> I really enjoyed bowling in Erie.  Did well there and they had great crowds!

<Paige> Night Paul....take care.

<Pat O'Brien> WRW and Paige--- Will you folks be able to sell some WRW merchandise at the Via Open in Orlando?

[Wed Dec 11 20:52:18 EST 2002] Billie Sue: Paige's Mom & WR's MIL

<Tim> No more western PA on the tour....very sad

<natstatguy> Night paul havent seen if you got the web updated

<Mike Baudoux> Ricardos was a good place too eat too in erie !

<A Fan> WRW or Paige....what made you decide to move to Florida...

<Walt> Walter , Do you use many balls with flipping blocks in them? How do you like the Dynothane balls?

<Terri> I've got to get going now, talk to ya'll later

<Billie Sue> bye Terri

<WRW> The format for the ToC is 32 players in single elimination matches. 6 lanes, 2 matches per pair the first day - Firday

    which means 3 different times. Then Sat and Sun are the same except only 4 make the show.

<Paige> Probably not Pat. They have a "licensesd" merchandise company that is the only ones allowed to set stuff up...but if

    you found me....I might have what you need. Shh. LMK what you are looking for

<Walt> I'm friends with Steve Hoskins! Did he get you interested in Dynothane?

<Pat O'Brien> LOL, I'll be looking for you!

<Paige> I LOVED Ricardos!

<Tim> WRW, I dont know whether you would know, but do other guys change companies for the show if they would get more


<Paige> The weather and no State income tax - Fan

<Mike Baudoux> The Filets where unreal !

<Paige> Bye Terri

<Pismo> Walter Ray, Paige i enjoyed chating with you i have to go bye. And good luck. (-;

<Paige> Bye Pismo...Merry Xmas

<WRW> Hi Tim, Some might change ball companies, but with the prize money being much bigger than the incentives, it

    doesn't sound very smart.

<Pismo> you too i hope you do this again bye

<Tim> thanks, i heard a rumor about Frank G changing balls a couple of weeks ago to get incentives

<WRW> Tim - Might have, he used urethane for a while.

<Paige> It's not unheard of want the cash AND what you think you can get the best look of all!

<Mike Baudoux> This chat is great ! Good luck gotta go !

<A Fan> I thought that might be the reason (mainly the tax thing)....sure glad you to watch/take pics(no Flash) WRW

    bowl the regionals

<Paige> Bye Mike....LMK about stuff....

<swayer> Are the new logo spare balls money for the players or the PBA?

<Mike Baudoux> k

<WRW> We did move to FL for no state income tax and decent weather.

<Paige> HaHaHa Fan --- I may put that on the back of his shirt Walter "No FLash" Williams Jr.

<WRW> Also there are plenty of regionals to bowl.

<A Fan> Good one Paige....

<Walt> Maybe you should come out with shades on at the intro of the show!!

<A Fan> Yes, Right about the Regionals in Florida....

<WRW> The new spare balls are money for the PBA which puts up money for the players. The last tournament has a bonus

    payout to the combined highest finishing team.

<Pat O'Brien> ...From Ocala Florida Walter "Flash" Williams!!  LOL

<Dan B-F> WR, which tournaments are double-points awarded?

<Tim> Did you guys get to choose which ball you would be using

<natstatguy> WRW - glenn and shirley say bye, catch you at the World in Aug if not before somewhere

<WRW> All of the majors are double, ToC, US Open, Masters, World championship

<Paige> Tim - the companies chose the teams they wanted - one player from each "tier" (decided by pba what tier you were


<WRW> Tim - no

[Wed Dec 11 21:00:01 EST 2002] Bill: Urethane Game

<Al Lione> WRW does your PBA income get taxed based on the state you live in, or is there no tax on it because there is no

    income tax in florida ?

<WRW> Al - I pay state income taxes in several different states on the money I win there.

<WRW> They do the same to other professional athletes.

<WRW> There are even a few cities which tax earnings.

<Al Lione> my few regional checks are so small, i just get one tax  form from the pba seattle office :)

<Paige> Is there anything you all would like to see on the website that we aren't doing?

<swayer> Are you guys planning anything for the U.S. open?

<WRW> Bowling?!

<Al Lione> Put a photo of the new motor home onthe website :)

<Paige> winning?  : )

<WRW> Sorry Honey!!

<swayer> Extra ciricular

<Paige> I think my Mom took one the other that is do-able I think!

<WRW> I have a sister and a brother who live in S. Cal.

<Pat O'Brien> Walter Ray, Paige, Scooter and Billy Sue ..... I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and thanks for the chance

    to chat.

<Paige> Bye Pat....Merry Xmas to you and yours!

<Paige> Okay fingers are tired....

<Tim> Walter, what do you miss about the old ABC days of the tour

<Scooter> it is doable paige but then that means you have to write...haaaaa   your choice

<A Fan> WRW Do your siblings about mom/dad?

<Dan B-F> WR, goodluck at TOC, happy holidays to you and Paige and everyone, bye...

<WRW> Happy Holidays to everyone.  Hope you all enjoyed this.

<Paige> Write what s?  Here is a pic of the

<Tim> and do you or anyone else still keep in touch with chris and bo or even guys on the production staff

<Walt> Walt Best of Luck this week and Merry Xmas to you and Paige Goodbye!

<Billie Sue> Thanks WR.........GO GET THE MONEY!!!!!

<Paige> Bye all...