Walter Ray's appearance at the YABA FL State Tournament, at AMF Galaxy East Lanes , Ocala, last weekend was a huge success.

Folks stood in line on the concorse out in front of Jeff's Pro Shop both days to get his autograph and to take photos. He signed YABA shirts, YABA towels, YABA certificates, bowling pins, shoes, bags, bowling balls -- just about anything imaginable.

And there were several moments of humor.

One fan held a huge plastic bowling pin. When he reached the front of the line, he asked if Walter Ray would pose with him for a photo. Seemed a normal request, so Walter Ray agreed. As the guy struck his pose, he pulled the pin back over his head as though he was gonna hit WR with it! He explained that the photo was for 'his friend'. We wondered if the friend might not be a WRW fan?

At one point, Walter Ray, left his position, (it was assumed to use the facilities) for what some waiting fan's thought was too long. They began plotting how they should move the line 'in there'. One young man, holding a bowling ball, thought that he could just pass it under the door to him! His friend wondered if he had taken the sharpie pen with him?

As Walter Ray was signing a bowling pin for one young man, he held one of those red flannel ball bags upside down, making the handles look like legs of underware. "Will you sign this, too, please", said the young man. The expression on Walter Ray's face, when he looked up, let everyone know what he was thinking!

Walter Ray donated two autographed bowling balls, and four Diehard Fan Club memberships to be raffled to benefit YABA. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets! And thanks to the helpers who sold tickets! Welcome new Diehards, Kasandra Jones, Pace, FL, Travis Jones, Ft. Pierce, FL, Dee Jones, Southport, FL, and Chucky Schmehl, Jacksonville, FL.

We used two different cameras and took many photos even though the flash could not be used during bowling. One camera worked well and produced some great shots, while the other one couldn't handle the low light. We appoligize to those whom were unlucky, but as promised, we are going to post your photo's anyway.

We chose the online album approach to give you an opportunity to use that company's printing features, and use your own printer to do so. You can also order print thrugh them ( does not provide this service). We hope you enjoy looking through the photos, and let us take this opportunity to thank you for making the appearance successful.

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