November 3, 2005

It's Time Already?

Wow…were did the summer go? I can't believe that the first week of tour is over already! At the beginning of the summer break we were thinking it was going to be too much time off, and when the day came to leave for tour we just couldn't believe that it was time to go so soon.

We had a wonderful summer! Walter Ray was busy almost every weekend, as usual. Horseshoe tournaments were prevalent up until the world tournament (where he finished 2nd pitching left-handed - that's just not right). He also squeezed in a few golf tournaments (one of which he won while teamed with Marshall Holman and Andy Van Slyke). Walter Ray was also invited to the ESPY awards again this year. My Dad went with him and they had a great time. They managed to cross one big thing off their "To-Do" list…they met Annika Sorenstam! Dad also met former quarterback Jim Plunkett! Click here to see a few highlights from their "male-bonding sports adventure".

When I could get him to stay home for a few days, Walter Ray and I managed to sneak in a few little get-a-ways. We took a vacation in Orlando! Yes, we know it's only an hour away but when you live in Florida…where else could you want to go? We stayed at a nice golf resort and just goofed off. While dodging hurricanes we managed to sneak in another cruise. Man, I could just live on one of those boats! Walter Ray I am not so sure about, since he always seems to go into "technology withdrawal". Click here to see a few pics from our cruise. My parents and us went to visit my grand parents in Chattanooga for a birthday celebration and we stopped on the way home in Atlanta for a special treat. We went to Turner Field and watched a Braves game! WooHoo! We all had a great time…and yes they won! You know how impressive that huge "Jumbo-tron" screen looks on television? It is even more impressive in person! The highlight of our little adventure was we got an opportunity to see Beth Marshall. She used to work for the PBA, but has since moved on. It was really great to see her and might I say, "She looks maahvelous!" Atlanta surely does agree with her. Click here to see us having fun at Turner Field.

Since my good friend Mary VonKrueger was going to the Japan Cup this year, I decided to make the l-o-n-g trip for the first time in quite a few years. I still hated the plane ride from h-e-double hockey sticks, but I sure had a good time once I got there. Walter Ray didn't bowl well, but that just meant I didn't have to waste time hanging around the bowling center. *evil giggle* I ran around on the subway and even managed to find the Harley Davidson store in Yokohama and Tokyo! Our good friend Michael Kastner (buddy of Jason Hurd) accomplished a feat seldom even conceived of by any man…he out shopped me at the Harley store! Of course he actually owns a Harley, and I'm just a wannabe'! But if I ever do get the bike, I've already got all the gear. Walter Ray also did a few exhibitions while we were there. Thanks to Brett Dunn who was instrumental in setting up our visits to the Atsugi and Misawa Bases and Totsuka Bowl. We really had a great time at all of the appearances!

The first tour stop was outside of Tulsa Oklahoma in a suburb called Owasso. The people there were incredibly nice and the bowling center was great too! It wasn't really the start to the season we were looking for. Walter Ray lost in the first round. Oh well, there's a lot of weeks left! Hopefully there will be a few good ones in there somewhere. One really good thing about the first week was we got to see some really good friends from "back in the day". I grew up in San Jose California living next door to Charlotte and Gene Little. I played with their boys and they bowled with my parents on Sunday nights! They live in a tiny town about 40 minutes from Tulsa and since Walter Ray got eliminated early, we had time to go see them. Guess it was one of those "good news, bad news" situations. It just so happened that Charlotte's sister Carolyn (who lived around the corner from us) and her Mom Florence were also in town! I got to see a whole bunch of folks from the old neighborhood all at once. We had a great time visiting them in their lovely home and look forward to seeing them again soon.

As usual, we did have some motorhome issues. We are having a problem with our generator not wanting to run. It has managed to eventually get started (so far). It keeps dying and we have to restart it seven or eight times and then it will finally run (so far). Our front furnace is having trouble lighting, intermittently. Past experience has shown that we have zero chance of getting something fixed until it is completely broken. Thank goodness we have two furnaces…'cause that one is a'comin'. Our biggest problem was a leak in the faucet behind the wall of the shower (thanks Rick Lawrence for helping us at least figure out where it was coming from). It couldn't have been in a more inconvenient place. Since, I had to fly home for a few days Walter Ray was left to get everything worked on while travelling to Denver. He stopped in Wichita to get the motorhome worked on (and play some golf *smile*). Only time will tell how much actual repair you get in Wichita for $800. Keep your fingers crossed!

Walter Ray called me in Florida to tell me he had arrived in Denver Colorado. The water leak "seems" fixed. The furnace didn't light, and there was no report on the generator. I guess one out of two (with one still unknown) isn't too bad.

All of you who have been bugging me about writing will be pleased to hear that I am going to do my best to write a little something at least every other week (I hope).

Until next time,

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