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Hey, She Can Play

By Paige Pennington

Everyone at would like to offer their heartiest congratulations to one of our own. Billie Sue Pennington (co-designer of this site) won the "Ladies Club Championship" at Harbor Hills Golf Club.

Billie Sue's handicap is 14. She shot a VERY impressive 81 on the first day of competition. On day two, she slowed down, just a little, shooting an 86. However, that slightly higher score allowed one of her fellow competitors to catch up. She ended up in a play off! The play off was sudden death and only went one hole.

Billie Sue won the toss and elected to tee off first. Exhibiting nerves of steel, she hit what she considered to be her, "best drive of the whole day". Her opponent had some trouble off the tee and Billie Sue won the hole with a par.

The Club Championship is quite an honor. It is the biggest tournament of the year for the ladies. Billie Sue received a very nice trophy and she gets a reserved parking spot at the club. Right next to the Men's Club Champion.

We are all VERY proud of her!

We wish her continued success with her golf game. She is pretty dangerous with that new driver!

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