December 27, 2001

Enjoy this little tale of Walter Ray - Home for the holidays . . .

Have you ever wondered what Walter Ray does when he has a break from travel on the PBA tour? He goes home to Florida where he's surrounded by a beautiful golf course and weather that is suitable for pitching horseshoes out beside his pool. One would think that would be "the life".

Well, after a day or two of that, Walter Ray is ready to "go on vacation". What? Where do you go on vacation when you're already in a premier vacation destination spot? In Walter Ray and Paige's case, they went south about 5 hours where they enjoyed five consecutive days of , golfing (in 86 degree weather) and dining "out". But on the way there, he stopped to play a
horseshoe tournament, while Paige went to visit Karen and Norm Duke for the day.

On the way back 'North' to Ocala, they stopped to play another round of golf near Orlando, because Walter Ray was afraid he wouldn't get 'home' in time to play his own course!

Paige's parents, grandparents and Walter Ray's father enjoyed another Christmas in their spacious home. After breakfast, present opening, dinner, everybody settled back for some quiet time and conversation. Walter Ray, a 3-handicapper, was a bit antsy . . . and we all knew he was anxious to play another round of golf. After trying, unsuccessfully, to interest everyone, someone, anyone, in joining him, he decided to hit the links alone! Two hours later, he returned, and told us he shot 74 - That's two over par! Maybe
this is how he did it!

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