chapter 2

VIEWS - From the Home Front (a neverending story)
by Paige's Mom

Sometimes, when Paige and Walter Ray are traveling, "check-in" phone calls often create a little anxiety, yet, through the years I've learned to shake it off.

All this began about 15 years ago when they purchased a 43-ft 5th wheel and set off on their maiden voyage . . . Stockton, CA to Miami, FL. Neither of them had ever towed anything or driven anything bigger than a pick up truck.

About three or four hours after departure, the phone rings and Paige says, "Mom, we're on the grapevine, and we've run out of gas, going uphill. There's fuel in the other tank, but the truck won't start. Is Dad there?"

Few hours later, with no further details on the previous situation, "We ran over a gas pump as we're getting out of the station. Oh, we didn't hit it hard enough to knock it over, but there's a dent in the trailer."

Several days later, "Mom, if a policeman told you to leave somewhere, would you go?" With no more info than that, my answer was, "Yes, of course." Her reply, "OK, I'll go tell him. And we may have to roll around in the grass for a while. Bye, Mom". Details following this call included a discussion about checking overhead wires before entering parking areas.

After all these years, the severity of the calls has lessened, but they're still just as mind boggling, as is evidenced by some dialogue from yesterday's call.

November 25,2001
Hi Mom

Hey Paige. Are you home? (In my mind she was due home today. She had driven from Ocala, FL to Louisville, KY to spend Thanksgiving with Walter Ray and planned to be gone about 4 days)

Oh, no far from it. We're on a different route. I'm somewhere in TN, near Memphis, sitting in a parking lot.

Oh, really? By yourself?

Um-hum....My 700 mile, 4-day trip, turned into a 1,500 mile one. "Don't Park there!"


Oh, I was hoping that a guy here didn't park there.

Is he too close to you or what?

Oh, wait a minute!

Mom thinking, hmmm, now she's gonna approach some man in a parking lot and tell him not to park there, wherever "there" is.

OK. Everything's ok now. If that guy parked in any of those 8 spaces, Walter Ray wouldn't be able to get in here. He sent me ahead to scout out the area.

Paige, what area? Where are you and what are you two trying to do?

Oh, he wanted to play golf here but wasn't sure he could get the truck and trailer in here. Way off the freeway, and probably not a place where big rigs come often. Boy, there's no grass here. Well, I guess there is grass, it's just dormant and brown. Oh, I think I hear Walter Ray coming down the road. Yep, there he is. Wait!! Don't turn that way! I told you exactly how to turn! Oh, no, Mom, he's made a wrong turn, I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Bye, Paige. Oh, my. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

chapter 2

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