Paige and Walter Ray have visitors this week

May 23, 2002

Tim and Cherie Criss (and daughter) made an unplanned stop in Ocala, enroute to a PBA Regional tournament May 24-26 at Ft Pierce Bowl - Ft Pierce, FL.

On the first day of the visit, Walter Ray drove (about 45 minutes, one way) to Beverly Hills, FL to pitch horseshoes with some top pitchers in Florida, promising Tim they'd golf in the afternoon when he returned. Now let's see...that's 90 minutes driving down and back, 3-hours pitching, and then another 3 hours of golfing! Just a typical Walter Ray day!

Paige drug Cherie to a painting class, assuring her that "Tony-the-painting-teacher" could teach her to paint a masterpiece in 3-hours, even if as Cherie said, "I can't even draw a stick figure!" Paige understood the feeling, as she had been that route when she reluctantly attended ( a command performance with Mom) the first time.

Pictured here are Paige and Cherie with Tony as they show off their finished products! Not bad, hummingbirds, ladies ! !!

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