BACK "Pins UP Paige, Do Again!"

Walter Ray and I have been friends with Phil and Jill Ringener for many years. Phil was a player on the Professional Bowlers Tour from 1979 until he suffered a career ending Jet Ski accident in 1997. It was a shame when it happened since Phil had won his first title in 1996 at Long Island and was looking forward to more! When the Ringeners had their children, Jared and Janessa, we were instantly crazy about them.

Jared is nine years old now and has turned into quite the little athlete. He has incredible eye hand coordination and plays basketball, football and baseball. But, of course, his first love is bowling. Jared had a plastic bowling set when he was just a little tyke and I can't tell you how many hours I spent being "pin girl Paige." We would be in the living room of their RV and he would throw the ball at the pins and then cry out, "Pins UP Paige, do again!" It was one of the cutest things I had ever seen.

It seems that all those hours of practice Jared put in when he was a toddler have paid off. Jared's league average is now 152. His high game is 265! He competes in junior tournaments and when the tour was in Dallas a couple weeks ago he came and bowled the pro-am. Though he didn't win, he bowled well. Of course he did have quite a few fans there! In addition to his folks, he also had Walter Ray and I, Dave Traber and Parker & Leslie Bohn cheering his every delivery! Who wouldn't thrive with support like that?

Jared's physical game is as good as his mental one. He has a nice approach and a very loose arm swing. He already makes equipment and line changes with ease. He rarely misses a spare. In short, he has the "whole package." I fully expect him to be PBA Rookie of the Year in around 2012!

Though kind of small for his age, Jared is nonetheless a fierce competitor with a large amount of determination. When he first started playing football he wasn't getting to play as much as he wanted and was very frustrated. He told his Mother that he wanted to quit. She said that he had made a commitment and that he was going to play. She also told Jared that it wasn't her job to complain to the coach about his lack of time on the field and that it was his responsibility. So, the next practice Jared marches up to the coach and tells him, "Just because I am small doesn't mean I can't play. You have GOT to give me a chance!" Well, the coach put him in, Jared played great (he has quite a talent for catching the ball, and is very fast), and he has been getting his fair share of time in the games ever since. With that kind of determination, confidence and talent it won't surprise me to see him on the television show in 8 or 9 years bowling for a title!

Phil and Jill have recently taken over, from Phil's Father, the bowling center in their hometown of Big Spring, Texas. The whole family spends quite a lot of time there. Phil is running the place, Jill works part-time in the snack bar, and Jared practices. Recently Janessa, now 6, has taken up the game. She is learning very quickly. With her big brother giving her tips, the PBA and the PWBA better be watching out for these two!

Strikes and Ringers, Paige

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