BACK The Joys Of (NOT) Being There

There are advantages to not being there when Walter Ray is bowling on television. I simply can't decide if I prefer to be in the building or somewhere else. Many of you would probably immediately say, "Being there is better"! But give me a minute and I will try to point out some things that may change your mind.

Wardrobe is a big issue with me. I am truly a "jeans and tee-shirt" sort of girl. I detest getting "dressed up". I believe the man (it HAD to be a man) who invented pantyhose should be forced to wear them in 100 degree weather and then decide if they were such a brilliant idea. Inevitably I have to iron these dress clothes that have been crammed in the back of the RV closet for who knows how many weeks. No big deal when I am home with my nice ironing board. A huge pain when trying to use one of those little "table-top" ironing boards. Hanging out at home in my sweats, with no make-up on…a nice beverage and some nibbles is definitely more comfortable.

The television cameras are another issue. Obviously you have to modify your behavior, because you never know when they are going to put your face on television. Unless you enjoy looking like you should be a guest on the Jerry Springer Show, you have to behave. Lately it seems like they always "do me" right after Walter Ray has thrown a bad shot or gotten a bad break. This IS NOT fun! When I am at home I can yell, "Hey, that's not right" or "Come on, he should have carried that". If you are afraid they might put you on camera, you can't be swearing or kicking things. When I am in the comfort of my living room, I can be a little more emotional. I would suggest shoes though if you are going to kick things…trust me!

Then there is the issue of seating arrangements. I am actually quite lucky since I enjoy the company of most of the women who end up sitting next to me. But, even if you like the person it is sometimes uncomfortable. What do you say to someone when their husband just threw a brooklyn to beat your husband for a title? It can be a little difficult at times.

There are things I miss about being there though, especially if he is fortunate enough to win. Giving him a big hug and telling him how proud I am is more fun than waiting for him to call and telling him on the phone. The "celebration dinner" after the show is always a good time. Of course, when he loses, dinner isn't so much fun!

So, this is what I have decided. I just need Walter Ray to tell me if he is going to win or not! If he is going to win, then I will go to the show. If he isn't, I'll stay in the trailer in my sweats and watch it on television. I don't know why I didn't think of this before! Another of life's little problems solved!

Strikes and Ringers,

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