Josh Hyde IS Superfan

Paige Pennington

I am married to Walter Ray Williams. He is one of the best bowlers in the history of the PBA. Bowling has been a huge part of my life since 1985. However, when it comes to being a true "bowling fan," I am not worthy to carry Josh Hyde's PBA program. He is truly "PBA Superfan."

Josh is from Warsaw, Indiana. If the tour stop is anywhere in the area, you can expect to see Josh there. Most of his support goes to Parker Bohn. He can tell you anything you could possibly want to know about Parker and his career. I was talking to Josh following the first round of qualifying in Indianapolis and he told me about Parker's last game - frame by frame. I am lucky to be able to get within ten pins of Walter Ray's plus/minus total when someone asks me how he is doing.

When it comes to statistics, Josh is amazing. He showed me a book that he keeps on many of the pros that contains statistics the PBA office hasn't even thought of, much less incorporated into their program book. I can't even imagine the time it must take to keep all of those categories up to date. Josh has a true talent for numbers. Hmmm….I wonder if I could get him to balance my checkbook for me?

Keeping statistics for his own personal use and supporting Parker isn't all the Josh does relating to bowling. He is also developing a board game called "Survive The Tour" that is really neat. Additionally, he writes articles that appear in local bowling publications. I heard a rumor that he may soon be writing a "Superfan" article for the PBA…watch for it!

One of Josh's latest projects is a new website called This recently launched website includes information about the PBA Tour and it's players. You will also find a trivia game and statistics, of course. This site is just getting going and is going to be fantastic. I recommend you check it out often.

If the Pro Bowler's Tour had more fans like Josh Hyde, we would certainly be in much better off! Walter Ray and I are both proud to call Josh Hyde and his family friends of ours. We wish him much success with whatever challenges he chooses to take on in his life.

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