Here is my report of the PBA regional held at Langlo Lanes North in New Port Richey in Florida October 6-7. The lanes were oiled using the 'Cheetah' pattern which is normally a very high scoring pattern. I was on 'B' squad, but stayed at home so I didn't watch the 'A' squad bowlers. The scores were much lower on 'A' squad with only a few bowlers averaging slightly over 220 for the first 8 games. I decided to play an outside line which is normal for this pattern. I opted for a hooking path using a slightly polished Awesome Finish for the first 5 games. After that I decided to go much straighter with the same ball the last 3 games. I got quite a few breaks and had good carry to qualify in 2nd place after 8 games. For the 2nd round, I used the same ball and decided to go straighter. My carry went away while I hit the pocket more times. I still managed to stay in 3rd place for the 13 games of qualifying.

My first opponent, Joe Ford, never really got going while I struck quite a bit after the first game. My 2nd match was a good one with Rick McDaniel who bowled very well while I got a couple extra breaks to beat him. The 3rd match started out good, but in the last half the game my opponent Kelvin Wiggins got the breaks so ended up tied for 3rd.

The tour starts at the end of the month, so hopefully I am ready.

1st round summary
230.6 (1845/8)
X % 61 (55/90)
Poc % 72 (65/90)
Poc X % 78 (51/65) 3 tripped 4-7-10's and a tripped 6-10
Spares made: 8 10's, 3 4's, 3 2-4-5's, 3 4-7's, 3 6-10's, 2 3-6's, 2 8's, 2, 3, 6, 2-8
Splits missed: 2 4-6-7-9-10's, 2-4-10