Southern Lanes

August 17, 2003

Cary, NC

This week we used pattern A1. We were on old HPL with one of the panels on every lane replace (12 - 24 ft). Pattern A measures 37 feet in oil distance, and more than any of the other patterns, can yield a wide variety of strategies for attack depending on the type and condition of the lane surface (i.e., wood, synthetic, etc.). The scoring pace is normally medium to high for this pattern.

There were 17 left-handers in the tournament. There were 8 on A squad and 9 on B squad. Four of them made the finals, 1 from A and 3 from B. Most of the lefties played straight up the first arrow, with very little swing.

Both squads played the lanes very similar, swinging the ball from the third to the fourth arrow and out to about the second arrow, however there were a handful of players that were starting the ball outside of 5 and scoring pretty well. The guys on B squad that played the middle part of the lane dug a bigger whole out of the pattern but it did not seem to help there scores. There were 7 more people on B squad. A squad advance 12 as well as B squad.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad before bowling

A Squad after bowling

B Squad Before bowling

B Squad after bowling

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