Southern Lanes

Florence, SC

This week we used Pattern A2. We were on "aged" HPL. Pattern A measures 37 feet in oil distance, and more than any of the other patterns, can yield a wide variety of strategies for attack depending on the type and condition of the lane surface (i.e., wood, synthetic, etc.). The scoring pace is normally medium to high for this pattern. There were 19 left-handers in this field, A-4, B-9, C-6. A squad either played straight up the gutter or was inside about L12. Both B and C squads were in about L10. We had 6 left handers make the top 24 and all 6 made the top 16. The squad equity was skewed this week. We had 30 PBA Champions in this tournament. A squad had 5, B squad had 14 and C squad had 11. Again this week, A squad "scattered the pattern". At 15 and 25 feet, a wide area of breakdown occurred, which limits the amount of hold that is developed. They were all throwing to the same area at 35 feet, R 6 - R10. A squad got 6 into the top 24. B squad had multiple angles at 15 feet, R10 -R18, but they were all throwing to the same are at 25 and 35 feet as is clearly defined on the graph. When a squad creates a hole in the pattern like this, scores tend to accelerate, which they did. B squad advanced 9. C squad had 2 distinct angles at 15 feet, R 13 and C20. A whole was dug out of the pattern at 25 feet that benefited the deeper players. All basically had the same break point. This also tends to keep scores high, which it did. C squad advanced 9 also.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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Pattern A2
A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

C Squad after qualifying

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