Southern Lanes

Ft Walton Beach

This week we used pattern E3. The pattern was very slightly modified to dry up the corners a little more than usual. The surface was very old wood and needed a little help. As it turned out, having the volume on 3 was a little too much oil and it pushed more people to the middle and pushed the oil all around the back ends which made for a very over/under hooking condition. The graphs clearly indicate this.

Most people were in around 12-15 at 15 feet, which is a little unusual for this pattern. This is why the ball picked up more oil and spread it around the back ends.

The majority of the left-handers, were straight up outside of 5 and were able to stay there because of so few bowling. There was not any left-handers playing in so the back ends held up better.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad before bowling

A Squad after bowling

B Squad before bowling

B Squad after bowling

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