Southern Lanes

August 3, 2003

Ft Stewart

This week we used pattern B2. We were on 8 year old HPL. Pattern B is the longest of the five patterns, measuring 43 feet of oil. Typical to the length and design, professionals will migrate more towards the center of the lane, as the ball normally will not hook back to the pocket if it strays too far outside near the gutter. This pattern usually requires extreme inside angles to get to the pocket after five or six games. The scoring pace is normally high for this pattern. The surface seemed slicker than normal HPL and did not allow the ball to make a good turn to the pocket. This kept the scores low.

We had 10 left-handers in the tournament, 4 on A and 6 on B. The lane surface seemed to favor the left side but it was very slight. Although the tournament leader was not that much ahead of 2nd place after qualifying he did pull away a little on Sunday. Most left-handers started the ball around 15 and went out to about 10. They played a little deeper on Sunday. There were 6 left-handers in the finals, 1 off of A and 5 off of B.
The right-handers on A squad did not dig a hole out of the pattern as is normal with this pattern. This is partly because the number of non-members on this squad was 13, while the number of non-members on B squad was 6. Also, if you consider the rev-rate of the bowlers on A squad it was much less overall then B squad.

A squad advanced only 4 to the final 16 while B squad advanced 12. Part of this difference is because of the non-members but it was also because 5 more left-handers advanced from B squad.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad before qualifying

A Squad after qualifying

B Squad Before qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

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