Southern Lanes

Matthews, NC

This week we used pattern C2. The surface was HPL 9000. Pattern C measures 39 feet, which is a medium length. Similar to Pattern A, a wide variety of strategies can be used depending on the condition of the lane surface. However, Pattern C incorporates a larger volume of oil placed further down lane, which often demands a more direct line. The scoring pace is normally medium to low for this pattern.

The left handers on both squads did play a more direct line. Usually starting at the first arrow. There were 19 left handers in the tournament. A total of 6 cashed, with 3 of these making the top 24. Three advanced to the top 16 and 1 made it to the final match.

The right handers on A squad never quite figured them out. Some were playing in and some were playing out. The graph indicates a wide range of attack points so there was never a hole dug out of the pattern. There were more players advancing, from this squad, as a result of playing out around 5 with little or no swing.

The right handers on B squad were aided by the fact that Michael Fagan found the line early playing a lot deeper than A squad ever attempted. It is clear to see by the graph that most were left of 3rd arrow at 15 feet and swinging it out to the 5 - 8 area. You clearly had to throw it slow to enable it to recover.

There were 13 from B squad and 11 from A squad that made the top 24.

Norman Simard
Laneman for thePBA Wild Turkey South Region

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Pattern C2 Fresh

A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

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