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This week we used pattern B2. The surface was old wood that had recently been screened and re-coated. There were 31 left-handers in the tournament. This is the most we have had in a long time. Pattern B is the longest of the five patterns, measuring 43 feet of oil. Typical to the length and design, professionals will migrate more towards the center of the lane, as the ball normally will not hook back to the pocket if it strays too far outside near the gutter. This pattern usually requires extreme inside angles to get to the pocket after five or six games. The scoring pace is normally high for this pattern.

The left-handers on A squad were generally rolling the ball from 12 at 15 feet to 10 at 25 feet back to 11 at 41 feet as the ball was moving towards the pocket. While the left-handers on B squad were a little more scattered at 15 feet but were generally in the same area at 25 feet and 41 feet. We had 4 left-handers make the top 24, including the leader, and all 4 made it to the elimination rounds. We had a right/left final.

The right handers on A squad were playing around 14 or 20 at 15 feet, 12-16 at 25 feet and around 12 at 41 feet. The yellow line(25 feet) shows a little area created, which may indicate why A squad advanced 14 and B squad advanced only 10.

The right-handers on B squad were playing a little deeper. They were starting in at 18 to a little left of 20, at 15 feet, out to about 14, at 25 feet and out to about 12 at 41 feet, which is still in the heavy oil and would not be a good break point. This created a puddle to the right of target which, in my opinion held the scores down for this squad.

Norman Simard
Lane Maintenance Director
PBA Wild Turkey Bourbon South Region

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Pattern C1
A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

C Squad after qualifying

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