Southern Lanes


This week we used pattern A2. Pattern A measures 37 feet in oil distance, and more than any of the other patterns, can yield a wide variety of strategies for attack depending on the type and condition of the lane surface (i.e., wood, synthetic, etc.). The scoring pace is normally medium to high for this pattern. The surface was 2 year old AMF HPL with wood approaches.

There were not many left-handers in the field so the graphs do not show much from that side. From visual observations they played the lanes very similar to the right-handers but maybe a little further outside.

Right-handers on both squads played the lanes close to the same. A squad played them slightly more direct from the head area. From the mid-lane on the paths were similar. A squads path was generally from 15 out to about 8, while B squad had some players as deep as 20 but still only getting the ball out to about 8.

A squad advanced 6 guys while B squad advanced 10. There was 1 left-hander to make the finals.

Norman Simard
Lane Maintenance Director
PBA Wild Turkey Bourbon South Region

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A Squad before bowling
A Squad after bowling

B Squad before bowling

B Squad after bowling

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