Southern Lanes

August 10, 2003

Orlando, FL Doubles Open

This week we were on Wood that had been resurfaced 6 weeks earlier. We used pattern D2. The "new" Pattern D measures 38 feet and resembles a "retro" approach to pattern design. Oil is placed in "strips" and requires the player to play in a specific zone on the lane, as compared to a "multiple angles" condition. The scoring pace for this pattern can range from low to high, depending on the condition of the surface.

There were 21 left handers bowling in the tournament. The best line for the left handers seemed to be straight up, outside of 5. You will not see very much depletion on the graphs because this is where the least amount of oil is anyway. Any lefty that tried to play in from this line did not make it to Sunday. Six left-handers made it to the top 16.

There were 6 teams from A squad that made the cut and 10 from B squad.

It is clear to see by the graphs that A squad bowlers played 2 different lines. Most of them started the ball around R15, swinging out to about R10 at the end of the pattern, while the rest of them started the ball around L14 swinging it out R14 at the end of the pattern.

B squad also had 2 distinct lines. One group started the ball around L18 and was swinging it out to R10, while the other group was starting around L14 and swinging it out to about R12. There were a few straight up players that were around R10, but not very many. The deeper depletion on B squad indicates a much higher rev rate of the bowlers on this squad, which will chew a bigger hole in the pattern, which usually accelerates scores.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad before bowling

A Squad after bowling

B Squad before bowling

B Squad after bowling

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