Southern Lanes


This week we used pattern E3. Pattern E measures 35 feet in length and is the shortest of the five patterns. Typically used on lane surfaces that are well worn, it tries to maximize the area on the lane with less wear, which is usually extremely close to the gutter. Because of this, players tend to migrate toward those spots to take advantage of the more pristine surface areas. Pattern E is exciting for its ability to allow players to make "risk-reward" decisions based on playing near the gutter. The scoring pace is normally medium to high for this pattern.

Blue Line = Tape Taken at 15 Feet
Yellow Line = Tape Taken at 25 Feet
Red Line = Tape Taken at 33 Feet

It was good to see a vast majority of the bowlers using the proper area of the lane. The scores were good for this tournament but the scores on B squad were higher than A.

A squad had 9 left handers and B squad had 11. You do not see much depletion on the graphs for A squad but you begin to see it on the graph for B. Most were playing outside of 5 and mostly straight up. We did not have any power players on the left side, that is why you do not see any depletion around L6 - L12 at the 15 or 25 foot mark as you do on the right side.

The right handers were playing similar areas of the lane. Most were at R8 - R12 at 15 feet, R6 - R8 at 25 feet and outside of R5 at 33 feet. I believe the reason B squad advanced more bowlers into the finals is that they used the mid part of the pattern a little better. As you can see by the 25 foot tape reading, there is more depletion at the 8 board. This allows the ball to get further down the lane before it gets to its break point. It looks as though the bowlers on A squad were already outside of this area making the ball overreact more like a wet/dry condition. There were also more power players on B squad and more guys that are natural gutter players that know how to use the oil to their advantage.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

Pattern E3

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