Southern Lanes

Rocky Mount, NC

This week we used a prototype pattern D that will become the official pattern in the 03-04 season. We were on 10 year old HPL. The prototype Pattern 'D' measures 38 feet, which is medium length. Similar to Pattern C, a wide variety of strategies can be used depending on the condition of the lane surface. However, Pattern D has a little more dry area on the corners, which enables more outside play. The scoring pace is normally medium for this pattern.

The before graph:
Green Line = Tape at 10 feet
Blue Line = Tape at 15 feet
Yellow Line = Tape at 25 feet
Red Line = Tape at 36 feet.

The after graphs:
Green Line = Tape at 15 feet
Blue Line = Tape at 25 feet
Yellow Line = Tape at 36 feet
Red Line = Tape at 45 feet.

There were only 3 lefties on A squad but 12 on B squad. The left handers were playing mostly outside of 5. The graph on B squad shows this a little bit.

The right handers were playing inside and outside but there was not a defined area of play so there was never a hole created in the pattern. This kept the scores down a little bit. The players on B squad were in a little more defined area (more towards the right part of the lane) because they had a chance to watch A squad. On this surface, you scored better by playing right.

It will be interesting to see how this pattern develops.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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Pattern D Fresh

A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

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