Southern Lanes

July 27, 2003

Spring Hills

This week we used pattern C2. We were on a Mendez surface. Pattern C measures 39 feet which is a medium length. Similar to Pattern A, a wide variety of strategies can be used depending on the type and condition of the lane surface. However, Pattern C incorporates a larger volume of oil placed further down lane, which often demands a more direct line. The scoring pace is normally medium to low for this pattern.

There were 12 left-handers in this event. Most were playing straight up starting the ball between the 1st and 2nd arrow. Four players made the top 24. We were a brooklyn strike away from having a back to back right/left finals.

A squad does not show much depletion. It is possible that the pair I took the readings from did not have a lot of lineage. We had several twosomes and single player (after a W/D) hit this pair. B squad does show depletion, with most starting the ball around the third arrow and some starting around the center arrow. Most were out to about R10 - R12 at 25 feet and out to about R8 at 37 feet. I believe both squads played them similar but A squad advanced 15 to the semis to B squads 9.

I will be taking the before readings prior to each squad so that you can see that the lanes start out basically the same.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad before bowling

A Squad after bowling

B Squad Before bowling

B Squad after bowling

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