Southern Lanes

Surfside, SC

This week we used pattern A2. This surface was 2 year old pro-anvilane that has aged more than normal because of the sandy area. This created a little more friction than is normal for this surface.

Most right handers were playing a line from around 15-20 at 15 feet to about 10-12 at 25 feet and outside 10 at 35 feet. All 3 squads played the lanes very close to the same. Most left-handers were playing a line straight up 5 with not much swing. There were 6 leftys in the top 32 and 3 made the round of 16.

There was a big difference in the number to make the top 32. A advanced 12, B advanced 15 and C only advanced 5. Since the graphs look very similar it can only be squad equity or I hate to say it but it could just have been bad bowling.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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A Squad before bowling

A Squad after bowling

B Squad before bowling

B Squad after bowling

C Squad before bowling

C Squad after bowling

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