Southern Lanes


This week we used pattern B1. Pattern B is the longest of the five patterns, measuring 43 feet of oil. Typical to the length and design, professionals will migrate more towards the center of the lane, as the ball normally will not hook back to the pocket if it strays too far outside near the gutter. This pattern usually requires extreme inside angles to get to the pocket after five or six games. The scoring pace is normally high for this pattern.

With only 12 left-handers in the tournament it is difficult to distinguish much from the graphs. Based on visual observations, most of the left handers were either straight up the 8 - 12 area or were starting the ball inside of 15 and swinging the ball out to about 8 - 10. There were 2 left-handers in the top 24 and the highest finished in the round of 8.

The right handers on A squad were in around L18 at 15 feet. At 25 feet they were a bit scattered, throwing the ball anywhere from the R10 - R20 boards. Most were in the 8 - 12 board area, at 41 feet.

On B squad, they were in around R16 or L18 at 15 feet. At 25 feet they were a little more defined with most being in the R12 - R18 range. At 41 feet most were just outside R12.

14 from B made the top 24 and 10 from A squad although the scores were very close. A 10 pin swing in the cut number would have made 12 - 12.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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Pattern B1

A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

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