Southern Lanes

Lakeland, FL

This week we used pattern A2. Pattern A measures 37 feet in oil distance and more than any of the other patterns can yield a wide variety of strategies for attack depending on the condition of the lane surface (i.e., wood, synthetic, guardian, etc.). The scoring pace is normally medium to high for this pattern.

The surface proved to make this pattern play a little more difficult than usual. The head area played a little soft and the back ends were crisp and strong. Heads that are soft will provide more friction and cause the ball to try and transition to its read of the lane a little quicker. This can play tricks on the bowler because you have to get the ball down the lane so it can hit the dry area without using up its energy.

The right handers on A squad played the lanes a little more consistent than B squad. The defined area on A was 14 board at 15 feet, 10-12 board at 25 feet and 8-10 at 35 feet. B squad attacked this pattern from all areas of the lane. The scores on A squad accelerated as the games progressed but they did not on B.

The left handers on both squads could score a little playing 'out' but they scored a little better if they played 'in' around 12-14 at 15 feet, only going out to around 10 at 35 feet. 2 of 26 made the top 16 and 8 cashed.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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Pattern A Fresh

A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

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