Southern Lanes

Tampa, FL

This week we used pattern B. Pattern B is the longest of the five patterns, measuring 43 feet of oil on the lane. Typical to the length and design, the bowlers will migrate more towards the center of the lane, as the ball normally will not hook back to the pocket if it strays too far outside near the gutter. This pattern usually requires extreme inside angles to get to the pocket after five or six games.

Blue Line - Tape taken at 15 feet.
Yellow Line - Tape taken at 25 feet.
Red Line - Tape taken at 41 feet.

The key to playing this pattern is having your break point at about 8 - 10 boards. This would be for both right and left handed bowlers. Left handers tend to play this pattern a little straighter than right handers, mainly because the rev rate for left handers on the average is much less, although the leader on Saturday was a lefty, and he has as high a rev rate as any left hander on the tour.

On the left side there is not a lot of pattern break down for either squad, which would indicate they were playing just outside the oil line.

The right handers, with higher rev rates, tend to play this pattern deeper, using the oil in the middle to get the ball to the 8-10 hook point down the lane. This is very easily seen in the graphs for both squads that show a great deal of breakdown in the middle part of the lane, at 15 feet. The breakdown is a little right at 25 feet and around 8 - 11 at 41 feet.

Norman Simard
Laneman for the Southern Region

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Pattern B Fresh

A Squad after qualifying

B Squad after qualifying

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