Palm Coast Regional

Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament held at Coquina Lanes in Palm Coast, Florida. Palm Coast is right on the Atlantic coast north of Orlando about 70 miles.

There was three squads as there was 143 players. There was 8 games in the first round. The top 24 players advanced to the second round of qualifying for 5 more games. The top 16 advance to the round of 16 for a best of 3 match. The matches continue until there is a winner. All of the matches were the best of 3. The oil pattern for the tournament was 'E' which is the high scoring pattern with no oil on the outside. I started the first round using a low particle ball (#2085)No Photo playing around 14 at the arrows going out to about 3-4. I missed the pocket one time in the first game, but kept getting tapped. I never had a double in the game as I shot 198. I decided to try something different. I know that quite of few of the straight players like to play straight up just outside of the 1st arrow on this pattern, but I have never been comfortable with that reaction on this pattern. So I decided to try my plastic ball up 3-4. This wasn't so bad, but in the first frame of the 2nd game I missed the 3-6-10. I came back with a turkey before leaving a solid 10. I then had a 4 bagger and then a rip 7-10 for a 224. I went high on my first 2 frames of the 3rd game for 3-6-10 spares. I then struck out for a 277. In the 4th game I missed the 6-7-10 followed with a turkey. I doubled in the 10th frame for a 213. I started the 5th game with a cross over strike when I got the ball to far to the right. In the 2nd frame I struck and then went high in the 3rd frame for a missed 3-6-7-10. That was followed by a 5 bagger before I missed the pocket right sparing the 2-5. I turkeyed in the 10th frame for a 242. In the 6th game I had back to back 4-6-7's in the 2nd and 3rd frames. I finally doubled in the 6th and 7th and ended up shooting 185. The 7th game was much better as I started with a 5 bagger with the help of a tripped 4-6. After leaving the 2-4-5 in the 6th I threw a turkey to shoot 254. The 8th game was kind of like the first game as I only missed the pocket twice and had no doubles with a rip 7-10 to shoot 182. I ended up qualifying in 17th place with +175. Even though I did manage to make the cut and have some decent games I wasn't overly happy with my plastic ball reaction.

In the 2nd round I decided to hook the ball again and used a medium particle ball (#4026) playing around 13 at the arrows out to around 3-4. I my first game of the round was very good as I only missed the pocket once and that was the 2nd shot in the 10th when I went high leaving the 3-6-10. I struck every ball except for the 10 pin in the 5th frame. The 2nd game was also very good as I started with a 4 pin followed by an 11 bagger for a nice 290. The 3rd game was just the opposite as I missed the pocket 4 times, only 2 strikes and 2 opens when I missed the 4-6-7 and the 1-2-4-10 to shoot 166. I switched to a more reactive ball (#4543)No Photo in the 4th game and moved into 14. A 7 pin and a 4 pin were my only non strikes as I shot 259. In the 5th game I missed the pocket in the 4th frame in between a starting turkey and a 4 bagger to shoot 245. I qualified in 5th place at +401.

In qualifying I had 94 strikes out of 146 shots. I had 3 strikes while missing the pocket, a cross over and a tripped 4-7-10 in the 5th game, and a tripped 4-6 in the 7th game. I missed the pocket 25 times. My strike % on pocket shots was 91 out of 121 pocket shots or 75%. I had 9 opens. 7 were splits (a rip 7-10, 6-7-10, 3-6-7-10, two 4-6-7's, a rip 7-10, 4-6-7) and 2 missed spares (3-6-10, 1-2-4-10). I did a pretty good job with my spares. I did pick up the 3-6-10 four times, the 2-8 and several other 2 pin combinations.

The round of 16 match was against Eric Ramos. I decided to start with the same ball (#4026) I started using in the 2nd round playing around 13 out to 3. I bowled a good first game as I started with a turkey a 4 pin and a turkey. Eric started with a double before leaving the 6-10. He then had 3 taps when he left the 10, 7, and 10 pins. He started to strike in the 7th frame. I left a solid 10 in the 8th followed by a rip 7-10. This allowed Eric room to strike out and beat me which he did winning 243-234. The next game I switched balls to the more reactive ball (#4543) and moved in a board. I left 10 pins in the 2nd and 4th frames while Eric started striking from the 1st frame. Eric continued to strike and when he had his 9th he basically had the game won. I left a 4 pin in the 9th frame and a 10 pin in the 10th to shoot 229. Eric got the first 2 strikes in the 10th before leaving the 4-6-7 on his 12th shot for a 297. I bowled a pretty good match as I never missed the pocket. Eric missed the pocket 3 times all together. Once when he was throwing a fill ball down the middle.

In the round of 16 match I had 15 strikes out of 23 shots. I had no strikes while missing the pocket. I missed the pocket no times.
My strike % on pocket shots was 15 out of 23 pocket shots or 65%. I had 1 open, a rip 7-10.

In the round of 16 match Eric Ramos had 18 strikes out of 24 shots. He had no strikes while missing the pocket. He missed the pocket 3 times.
His strike % on pocket shots was 18 out of 21 pocket shots or 86%.
He had no opens.

I ended up finishing tied for 9th place. Steve Hoskins who lead the qualifying ended beating John Gaines for the title.

Walter Ray