Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament held at Cary, NC. Cary is a few miles from Raleigh.

The oil pattern used looks like it should be have some pretty decent scores, but the scores were pretty low. I was on 'B' squad out of 2 squads. Tommy Jones led 'A' squad with +266 swinging the ball inside of the 5th arrow when he finished. I decided to play fairly direct up around 14 with a new particle ball (#3524). I bowled a pretty good first game as I missed the pocket twice and shot 224. The 2nd game I didn't throw the ball as well missing the pocket 6 times as I couldn't get any kind of reaction but my score was a decent 186 with one open as I missed the 4-6-7. In game 3 I started with a double, but came right back with a 2-10 split which I missed. I ended up missing the pocket 5 times that game for a 192. One of the lanes seemed to have a early hook spot which caused me to doubt the area of the lane I was trying to play. So in game 4 I moved inside of the 4th arrow where most of the other players were playing. I had a bit of trouble striking and managed a 183 with one missed split, the 4-7-10. Game 5 was more of the same as I missed the pocket 5 times, but I missed two splits, the 2-7-10 and the 2-7-8-10 for a 169.

Game 6 was on the low side of the house and I thought that there was a chance that I could play outside my last 3 games. Moving outside looking at the 3 board I started with a double and then left a 7 pin. In the 4th frame I got the ball a pinch wide and left the 1-2-4-6-10. I missed the spare attempt as I sent the head pin left of the 2-4 getting the 1-6 with the ball. I moved my feet right 1 & 1/2 boards while looking at the 2 board and the next frame was a rip 7-10. That was followed by a 10 pin and then a 6 bagger to shoot 221 and get back in the hunt. Unfortunately I left a 2-8-10 and a 2-8 on my first 2 shots on the left lane on pretty good shots. I felt like I couldn't go right up the channel like I just did on the left lane so I moved inside around the 5th arrow. After a strike I missed my first 2-8 combination of the day in the next frame and then back to back 4-6-7-10's. A couple of spares gave me a 147 game. I needed a miracle to make the cut and some breaks to cash. I missed the pocket one time the last game which was a 2-8-10. I had 2 strikes out of all of the other shots and left 6 10's, a 4 pin and a 7 pin for a very frustrating 181. I finished at -97 while it took +10 for the top 16 and I ended up missing a check by 27 pins. Not my best tournament. Tomorrow, Sunday, there is a sweeper at the same bowling center which I think I will bowl because it looks like I need the practice!

X X8/9/8/ X9/ X XX9/ 224
9/ X9/ X8/72 X8/ X8/X 186
X X817/9/8/ X8/ X8/9 192
9/ X9/8/ X8/9/729/X6/ 183
9/9/ X8/ X729/9/629/9 169
X X9/53819/ X >X XXXX 221
72 X8/8/ X8162628/9/7 147
X9/ X9/729/9/9/9/9/9 181

I had 32 strikes out of 89 shots. I had 1 strike while missing the pocket when I tripped the 2-8 in the 2nd frame of the 2nd game. I missed the pocket 32 times.
My strike % on pocket shots was 31 out of 57 pocket shots or 54%.
I had 12 opens. 10 were splits (4-6-7, 2-10, 4-7-10, 2-7-10, 2-7-8-10, rip 7-10, 2-8-10, two 4-6-7-10's, and another 2-8-10), 1 washout, the 1-2-4-6-10 and one missed 2-8. I felt that I did very well on my spares missing only the washout and one 2-8.
Considering I left 7 - 2 pin combinations spares and I picked up the 2-7 baby split.

I felt like I didn't bowl very well as I did miss the pocket quite a few times, but my carry was about the worst it has been since I have been keeping track of it. Not a good combination. Add a few extra splits and you have a poor finish.

Next week I am going to Japan. I will try and keep up with my reports while I am over there.

Walter Ray