Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament held at the AMF Chesapeake Lanes. This is near Virginia Beach, VA.

The lane oil pattern was similar to some of the higher scoring regionals, but for some reason the outsides of the lanes played much tighter than the inside of the lane. It felt to me like an inside shot would be a better place to play. I started the day using a particle ball (#0314). around 16 at the arrows going to around 10. I started out great with a 4 bagger and then a double when I went high and then chopped the 6-10 spare. I missed the head pin right on 2 of my next 3 shots while going a bit high on the other one to shoot 219. The next game I started with a 10 pin and then a 6 bagger. In the 10th frame I got the ball a bit wide leaving the 2-5 which I missed to the right because I was trying to avoid chopping it for a 237.

In the 3rd game I started with a double and then went light leaving the 2-4-5. The next 6 shots were in all in the pocket, including a 5-7 split which I spared, but I only had one strike. I missed the pocket in the 10th frame leaving a bucket (2-4-5-8) and the 3-6-7 for a 195. I probably should have stayed there, but I decided to get a reactive ball (#0059) and move inside of 20 and hook the ball. I left assorted taps at the beginning of the game and finally managed a double at the end for a 206. The next game I missed the pocket once, leaving the 4-6-7-9-10 and only picking up the 10 pin. However I had only 2 taps which were both 10 pins and shot 231.

In the 6th game I must have thrown a couple of bad shots early in the game, because I went high in the 2nd and 3rd frames and then went light leaving the 2-4-5-7-8 which I missed and a bucket. I managed a double at the end of the game, but a tugged shot in the 10th gave me a 4-6-7-10 and a 171 game. I was in trouble and needed 2 good games. In the 7th game I got some good breaks carrying several light shots and had an 8 bagger for a 268. I now needed a 200+ game to make the cut in the last game. I started with light strikes on the left lane and 2 pins on the right. I kept moving a pinch right and in the 5th frame left a 4-6-7-10 split. I doubled and then left a solid 10 on the right lane which had a tight rack. I threw a bad shot in the 9th frame leaving the 2-4-8. I spared it and now needed a double in the 10th. I threw a decent shot, but left a soft 10 and then struck on the fill ball. I shot 189 to fall 6 pins short of the top 16 cut which was +122. I gave away a few pins in count and missed 3 spares. Sometimes things just don't go the way you want.

X X X X9/ X X817/8/6 219
9/ X X X X X X9/ X81 237
X X7/ X9/9/8/9/9/6/7 195
9/ X9/ X9/ X7/9/ XX7/ 206
9/ X X X9/ X51 X XXXX 231
9/7/8/53 X6/ X X9/62 171
8/9/ X X X X X X XX9/ 268
X9/ X9/62 X X9/7/9/X 189

I had 46 strikes out of 87 shots. 1 strike was very light rolling the 8 over. I missed the pocket 23 times.
My strike % was 45 out of 64 or 70%.
I had 6 opens. 3 were splits (4-6-7-8-10, and two 4-6-7-10's) and 3 missed spares (6-10, 2-5, and the 2-4-5-7-8) while I did pick up the 5-7 pocket split.

I wasn't overly impressed with the way I bowled. It seemed like my mistakes were in the wrong places (I don't know of too many good places). The 6th and 8th games kind of fooled me with the line to get to the pocket. Hopefully next week will be much better.

Walter Ray