Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament held at the Yonah Lanes in Cleveland, GA. Cleveland is about 90 miles north and a bit east of Atlanta in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

The lane oil pattern seemed to be playing between 1st and 2nd arrow for most players. I started with a particle ball (#0073) playing up 8 with some good speed. I started the 1st game with a turkey and then missed a solid 10. I then doubled and finished with a turkey for a 224. In the next game I started with a Greek church followed by a double. I ripped a 7-10 and then had a 4 bagger for a 211. The next game I had some trouble hitting the pocket, but managed a double for a 204. The 4th game I had trouble getting strikes, but I did manage to pick up a bucket and a washout for 196.

I decided to move in and hook the ball with a reactive ball (#0059). After starting with a 4-6-7 I had a 5 bagger and then a turkey for a 247. In game 6 I had a turkey to end up with a 217. In the 7th game I started with a 1-2-4-6-10 washout which I missed. I followed with a 5 bagger. In the 10th frame I ripped a 7-10 to shoot a 213. I was at +112. With 1 game to go the projected cut was +100. I started the last game with a 1-2-4-10 washout which I spared. I then had a turkey with the 2nd strike being a crossover. A solid 9 separated another turkey which also had another crossover. I picked up 2-10 in the 9th frame before striking out in the 10th for a 247. I managed to lead the qualifying, but it was very close. +91 was the cut to the top 16.

X X X9- X X9/9/9/XXX 247
53 X X9/ X81 X X XX72 211
X8/ X X8/9/9/9/ X8/9 204
9/ X6/7/9/ X8/ X9/X9/ 196
72 X X X X X9/ X XX9/ 247
9/ X X X7/ X8/ X9/X9/ 217
52 X X X X X9/9/ X81 213
6/ X X X9/ X X X8/XXX 247

I had 52 strikes out of 89 shots. I had 2 crossover strikes in the 8th game. I missed the pocket 19 times.
My strike % on pocket shots was 50 out of 70 or 71%.
I had 6 opens. 4 were splits (4-6-7-9-10, rip 7-10, 4-6-7, and another rip 7-10), 1 missed washout (1-2-4-6-10) and 1 missed spare (10). I did pick up a couple of washouts and the 2-10.

I bowled pretty well and got some nice breaks in the last game to take the lead.

In match play I started with a reactive ball trying to play up 6. I hit the pocket pretty well, but was only able to get one double for a 205. My opponent Tom Gibson bowled a good game to beat me with a 225. My next game was against Tommy Jones. He had several bad shots missing a 3-4-6-7 after a turkey. He had a turkey in the 10th frame to shoot 205. I had a couple of bad shots early picking up a 6-7-10 followed by a 4 bagger for a 229 win. I bowled Elliot Ten in the 3rd game and he threw quite a few bad shots after starting with a Greek church and a turkey. I started with a turkey and added two doubles to win 232-199.

In game 4 I bowled Sean Evans. Sean struggled to a 156. I struggled a bit myself, but I was able to shoot a 216 after missing the 2-4-10 in the 2nd following that with a 4 bagger and then a double in the 10th frame with one of the strikes being through the nose. I started to struggle even more the next few games as I kept missing the pocket and couldn't get quite lined up. I shot a 174 to loose to Pete Dohan who bowled a great 235 game in game 5. In game 6 I lost to Chris Hayden 182-201. In the 7th game I decided to move in and hook the ball, but I made several bad shots crossing over twice, but 3 splits held my score down as I lost 188-223 against Don Yoshihara. In the 8th game I made much better shots, but a 4-6-7-10 in the middle didn't help. I shot 225, but Chris Collins bowled a great 246 for the win.

In the 2nd round of match play I started playing up 9 and seemed to have a really nice reaction. However the pins didn't want to cooperate. I was very fortunate in that my opponent Terry Decker missed 3 single pins to lose to me 213-202. John May bowled a great game except for the 3 consecutive 2 pins in the middle of all of his strikes. I missed the pocket 3 times also, but mine were spread out and I had a couple of taps to loose 217-257. The next game was against Norm Duke. I again missed the pocket several times and shot 198 while Norm bowled a very nice 238 game. In the 12th game I bowled Steve Wilson. He was struggling also as he missed the pocket 6 times. I missed the pocket 3 times and picked up a 4-9 and a 4-7-10. I wasn't able to get a double and won the game 197-180.

The next game was against Ron Tibbetts. He started with the first 8 strikes. 2 of the strikes were crossovers and he left a solid 8 in the 9th frame. I started with a 4-6-7-10 and managed a turkey and a double to get wiped out 211-278. Guppy Troup added to my opponents good bowling when he had a 7 bagger after his first frame. I bowled a very good game myself, however I wasn't able to strike as much getting a double and a turkey for a 228-255 loss. In the 15th game I bowled Kenny Simard. He was also trying to make the top 5 and started with the front 6 strikes before getting tapped. I wasn't able to get a double while missing the pocket only twice. In the position round I bowled against Pete Dohan. Again I was not able to strike much as I had two doubles to shoot 218. Pete had a double and a 4 bagger with a 4-6-7 to beat me 225-218.

WR X9/ X9/8/9/9/ X X9/X 205
TG X X9/ X9/9/ X X8/XX9 225

TJ 9/ X X X61 X9/6/9/XXX 205
WR X8/ X7/ X9/ X X XX9/ 229

WR X X X9/ X X7/ X X7/9 232
ET 53 X X X9/8/7/ X9/8/9 199

SE X72 X816/8/9-9/8/7/9 156
WR X71 X X X X9/8/7/XX6 216

WR X729/ X9/ X9/ X9/72 174
PD X X X X8/9/ X X9/9/X 235

CH X9/8/ X X X72 X9/9/9 201
WR X9/9/729/9/9/ X9/9/X 182

WR X X6/ X63 X X X7281 188
DY 7/ X X X X9/9/8/ X8/7 223

CC 9/ X X X X X X9/9/X62 246
WR 9/ X8/ X X X726/ XXXX 225

WR X X9/9/ X X X8/729/X 213
TD 9- X X X X9- X X9-7/9 202

JM X X X X9/9/9/ X XXXX 257
WR 7/ X9/ X8/ X X8/ XX9/ 217

WR X X9/7/ X8/ X X719/9 198
ND X X9/ X9/ X X9/ XXXX 238

SW 8/ X9/629/ X8/9/9/X71 180
WR X8/7/ X8/ X9/ X9/X9/ 197

WR 619/ X X X9/ X X7/9/9 211
RT X X X X X X X X9/XX9 278

GT 8/ X X X X X X X9/6/X 255
WR 8/ X9/ X X9/ X X X9/X 228

WR 9/9/ X9/9/ X9/ X7/X9/ 198
KS X X X X X X9/9/9/9/8 244

PD 9/ X X8/ X72 X X XX9/ 225
WR X X9/ X9/ X9/ X8/XX9 218

In match play I had 92 strikes out of 177 shots with 6 non pocket strikes and 45 missed pocket shots.
My strike percentage was 86 out of 132 or 65%.
I had 11 opens. 10 were splits (2-4-10, 2-4-10, 4-7-9, 2-4-8-10, 4-7-10, 3-10, 4-7-10, 4-7-10, 4-7-10, 4-6-7-10) and 1 missed spare (2-4-5). I picked up 3 splits (6-7-10, 4-9, 4-7-10).

My opponents had 103 strikes out of 181 shots with 7 non pocket strikes and 52 missed pocket shots.
Their strike percentage was 96 out of 129 or 74%.
They had 11 opens. 5 splits (3-4-6-7, 4-6-7-9-10, 6-7-10, 2-4-8-10, 4-6-7) and 6 spares (2-4, 7, 3-5-9, 10, 4, 10). They picked up 2 splits (2-4-10, 2-10) and a washout (1-2-4-10).

I bowled pretty well in qualifying and struggled at the end of the first round of match play. The 2nd round of match play was very frustrating as I wasn't able to strike much. This obviously wasn't a tournament meant to be for me. I ended up finishing in 11th place.

During qualifying, Norm Duke was kind of complaining to me that recently he was having trouble striking. During the qualifying rounds that continued for him, but in match play he must have figured out how to strike and led the tournament after match play. He beat John May in the title match for his win.

Walter Ray