Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament held at Farmville, VA. Farmville is a small town about 80 miles west of Richmond, VA.

I was on 'A' squad out of 2 squads. I started playing around 15 with a sanded reactive ball (#1014). I bowled a pretty good first game missing the pocket twice with one being a 4-6-7 split. I ended with a decent 222 game. The 2nd game was really nice as I started with the front 6 before going a pinch high leaving a 7-10 split. A turkey after that gave me a 255. The 3rd game was another great game as I struck out from 6th frame for a 256. The 4th game wasn't as kind to me, but I did strike out in the 9th and 10th to shoot 216 as the lanes played a bit tighter and I moved right to around 12-13. In the 5th game I moved in with a different reactive ball(#0007)and played around 23. It took a few shots to get lined up, but I struck out from the 6th frame for a 244 game. In game 6 I missed a 3-6-9-10 after an early double and then had a 4 bagger for a 226. The 7th game wasn't very nice to me as I had a rip 7-10 and one double for a 195. In the 8th game I never had a double and no opens for a 197. I ended up qualifying in 3rd place on 'A' squad about 20 pins being Tommy Delutz. 'B' squad didn't score as well as 'A' squad and I ended up being in 3rd place.

x x72 x x9/ x x8/xxx 222
x x x x x x81 x xx9/ 255
9/7/ x x9/ x x x xxxx 256
9/ x8/8/9/9/ x9/ xxxx 216
9/8/ x9/6/ x x x xxxx 244
x x9/ x63 x x x x9/x 226
9/ x x9/ x819/9/ x9/9 195
x6/9/ x8/9/ x8/9/x8/ 197

In qualifying I had 57 strikes out of 92 shots. I had no strikes while missing the pocket. I missed the pocket 18 times.
My strike % on pocket shots was 57 out of 74 pocket shots or 77%.
I had 4 opens. 3 were splits (4-6-7, 7-10, and a rip 7-10) and a missed 3-6-9-10. I did very well on my spares missing only the one and I picked up the 3-4-6-7 and the 1-2-8-10.

I felt like I bowled pretty well and had some pretty good carry even though I didn't trip the 4 pin as often as I normally do. If I could have repeated that performance for match play I would have been very pleased.

I started match play using a reactive ball
(#0007) playing around 14 against Wes Godwin and had 2 opens on 4-7-10 splits when I went a pinch high. Unfortunately I only had 2 doubles and I lost 193-200. Brian Voss beat me the next game 239-223. I moved in a bit to around 18 by the 3rd game and made a comeback against Patrick Allen due to his rip 7-10 in the 9th frame to win 246-235. Richard Church started with the front 7 against me in game 4 to beat me 257-213. Scott McLean beat me 217-153 the next game as I opened 4 times on the 5 shots I missed the pocket. My next game was against Skip Kruse and I wasn't able to get a double, but didn't have any opens. Skip doubled twice at the end of the game surrounding a rip 7-10 to beat me 195-192. I moved out to 14 in the 7th frame as my inside reaction was not working. The 7th game was against Kip Roberts. I started with the first 5 before leaving a 4-7-10. I added a turkey to win 244-199. In the 8th game I bowled against Kenny Simard. He struggled against me including one shot in which he nailed his ankle. I again bowled another nice game and I won 244-164.

The 2nd round of match play I starting playing around 13 using a reactive ball (#0007). Even though I never missed the pocket I only shot 195 due to a 4-9 and a turkey in the 10th. My opponent, Chris Hayden, only missed the pocket in the 1st frame and on his fill ball with a rip 7-10 in the middle for a 184. That was a frustrating game for both of us. The next game I missed the pocket quite a few times and needed a strike in the 10th frame to win, but split to lose 192-210 to Mike Machuga. Tim Criss started with the front 8 strikes to beat me 253-224. I threw the ball much better the next game against Rudy Kasimakis and was fortunate to win 238-231 as Rudy had a 4-6-7-10 split in the 8th frame after a 6 bagger. Game 13 was against Christopher Blackmore. I was going along fine and went high in the 10th frame for a split and a 221 game. Christopher struck out in the 10th frame to beat me 225-221. In the next game I bowled Jim Tomek and had 7 strikes in the first 8 frames. I then threw the ball wide for a washout which I missed. Jim struck out from the 5th frame for a 249 to lock the match up. This also included a spare after he fouled in the 4th frame. I shot 230 in the loss. In game 15 I started with an 8-10 split on a poor rack. I was throwing the ball pretty straight, but I was very frustrated as things just weren't going the way I wanted. I missed the 3-6-9 the next frame before getting 3 doubles. Tommy Delutz struggled as every thing went wrong for him including chopping the 6 off of the 9 pin. I ended up winning 204-151. I needed a big last game to make the top 5 step ladder, but wasn't able to strike much. Richard Church opened with a 4-6-7-10 after a turkey start and 4-9 in the 8th frame for me to win 207-185. I finished in 6th place about 60 pins short of 5th despite only winning 6 of 16 games.

WR x727/ x x9/72 x9/xxx 193
WG x x x639/9/9/9-9/xxx 200

BVx9/ x x9/ x9/ x xxxx 239
WRx9/ x8/7/ x x x8/xx8 223

PA x x x x x8/9/ x81xxx 235
WR x x9/9/9/ x x x xx9/ 246

WR 9/9/ x x8/9/9/9/ xx9/ 213
RC x x x x x x x9/9/x63 257

SM 8/ x6/9/ x x x8/ x9/x 217
WR x71 x x71 x9/ x6271 153

SK7/9/9/9/7/8/ x x81xx7 195
WR 9/ x9/ x8/6/8/8/ x9/x 192

WR x x x x x72 x x x9/x 244
KR x8/9/9/9 x x63 xx9/8 199

KS x62819/ x8/ x9/-/x9- 164
WR 9/ x x x x x9/9/7/xx9 244

CH 629/ x9/81 x9/ x9/xx9 184
WR 9/ x9/8- x9/ x9/9/xxx 195

WR x9/ x x9/ x8/7/ x62 192
MM 9/ x x81 x528/ x xxxx 210

TC x x x x x x x x719/x 253
WR x8/ x8/9/9/9/ x xxx7 224

WR 9/ x x x9/ x8/ x xx9/ 238
RK 9/ x x x x x x62 x9/9 231

CB 8/ x8/9/9/9/9/ x xxx9 225
WR x x8/ x x x x8/9/72 221

WR x x x x8/ x x x628/x 230
JT x8/9/F/ x x x x xxxx 249

WR 8172 x x8/ x x9/ xx9/ 204
TD x7281 x81 x9/ x9/72 151

WR 9/9/ x9/ x9/9/ x9/xx9 207
RC x x x628/9/7/819/x9/ 185

I had 99 strikes out of 179 shots. I had 2 strikes while missing the pocket, once I tripped the 2 pin and I crossed over on another. I missed the pocket 45 times.
My strike % on pocket shots was 97 out of 134 pocket shots or 72%.
I had 13 opens. 11 were splits (4-7-10, 4-7-10, 6-7-10-6-7-10, 4-6-7-10, 4-6-7, 6-7-10, 4-9, 4-6-7-10, 4-6-7, and a 8-10) and 2 missed spares, a 1-2-4-10 and a 3-6-9. I did very well on my spares missing only the two and I picked up the 1-2-4-8 and the 3-10 while just missing a couple of the splits.

My opponents had 102 strikes out of 182 shots. They had 3 strikes while missing the pocket, two crossover's and a tripped 4-10. The missed the pocket 45 times.
Their strike % on pocket shots was 99 out of 137 or 72%.
They had 19 opens. 14 were splits (two rip 7-10's, 4-6-7-10, 3-10, 4-6-7-10, another rip 7-10, 2-10, 2-4-10, 4-6-7-10, 4-6-7, 2-10, 4-6-7, 4-6-7-10, and a 4-9) with 5 spares (1-2-4-10, 4, 1-2-8-10, 1-2-4-6-10, and a chopped 6-9). They picked up the 3-5-6-9, 3-10 and two full racks after a channel ball (off of an ankle) and a foul.

I couldn't get going like I did in the qualifying and lost several close matches when I had some bad shots.

Walter Ray