Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament from Palm Coast, FL

Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament from Ft. Bragg, NC. There were 3 squads of players bowling 8 game sets. I was on the 'C' squad which started at 7 pm on Sat. 'A' squad started at 8 am with 'B' squad starting at 1:30 pm. The lanes were stripped and re-oiled so that the players on each squad were playing under similar conditions. The scores were pretty low for the first 2 squads with the high score being about +135 for the 8 games. It looked like around +50 was going to make the top 16.

I started using a semi dull particle ball playing around 12 at the arrows throwing very firm. I missed the pocket twice in the 1st game leaving a 2-8 and a 3-6-10 which I chopped shooting 213 thanks to striking 8 times. In the 2nd game I missed the pocket once leaving the 4-6-7-10. Unfortunately I only had 2 doubles to shoot 202.

In the 3rd game I had a double, but missed the pocket 6 times leaving a 2 pin, 2-4-8-10 (which I missed), a 3-10 (spared), a 2-8, 1-2-4 and a 3-6 on my fill ball for 190. I decided that I needed to try something different so I moved inside and hooked the ball playing around 22. In the 4th game I missed the pocket twice. I picked up the 3-6-9-10 in the 2nd and caved in a nose shot for a strike in the middle of a 5 bagger. I also picked up the 4-9 to shoot 238. I missed the pocket 3 times in the 5th game picking up the 2-7-8, a 10 pin which was threw the nose and the 1-2-6-10. Fortunately I had a double and a turkey for a 228.

In the 6th game I missed the pocket twice missing the 3-4-6-7-10 and picking up the 2-4-8-10. I started with a turkey and finished with a turkey to shoot 217. At this point I was +88 with the cut number at +49. In the 7th game I a little trouble as the pins didn't want to cooperate. I missed the pocket 4 times picking up the 3-6-10 and missed the 1-2-4-8. I picked up a 10 pin and a 4 pin when I broke down the splits leaving just the single pins. Unfortunately my luck didn't hold up as I left three 10 pins and a rip 7-10 to shoot 172. In the last game I missed the pocket 4 times leaving a 4-8-10, and two 2-8-10's. Unfortunately for me I was only able to get one double. I needed a double in the 10th frame to make the cut but threw the ball wide leaving my last 2-8-10.

This was a bit frustrating as I was doing very well when everything went very south. I still ended up cashing, but missed the cut by 19 pins. Hopefully in my next bowling tournament I can bowl much better.

X9/8/ X X9/ X71 XXXX 213
X9/62 X9/ X X9/ XX9/ 202
9/ X9/ X X638/8/ X7/8 190
X6/ X8/ X X X X X9/9 238
7/ X X9/ X X X9/ X6/X 228
X X X9/549/9/6/ XXX9 217
7/9/ X639/9/ X9/819/9 172
7- X9/719/ X X9/9/72 166

I had 43 strikes in 89 shots. (1 strike when I missed the pocket)
My strike % on pocket shots was 42 of 66 or 64%.
I had 9 opens. 7 splits (4-6-7-10, 2-4-8-10, 3-4-6-7-10, 7-10, 4-8-10, and two 2-8-10's) plus I missed the 3-6-10 and the 1-2-4-8. I did pick up the 2-7-8 and the 2-4-8-10 splits.
Again I missed the pocket a few more times than I needed to, and I just didn't have the carry necessary with too many opens.

Walter Ray