Here is my report of the PBA regional tournament from Palm Coast, FL

There were 3 squads of players bowling 8 game sets. I was on the 'B' squad which started at 2 pm on Sat. 'A' squad started at 8 am with 'C' squad starting at 8 pm. The lanes were stripped and re-oiled so that the players on each squad were playing under similar conditions. The scores were pretty high on the 'A' squad with Jason Hurd and James Campbell averaging over 240.

I started using a semi dull particle ball playing around 12 at the arrows. I missed the pocket twice in the 1st game leaving a 2-7 and a 2-10, both of which I missed. I managed 2 turkeys and a 4-9 split in the 10th frame (2nd shot) to shoot 211. In the 2nd game I started with a turkey and ended up missing the pocket 3 times leaving a 2-8, 2 pin, & the 6-10. A double in the 10th helped me to a 223. In the 3rd game I had a little bit of trouble striking missing the pocket in the 8th and 10th frames leaving a 2-8 and a 2 pin with no doubles to shoot 197.

In the 4th game I started with the front 6 and then went very high leaving the 3 pin. A turkey in the 10th frame gave me a nice 259. In the 5th game I went high in the 3rd frame leaving a 6-7-10 split which I missed. A 4 bagger in frames 5-8 was stopped with a 3-6-10 and a 4-6-7-10 split in the 10th. I slid the 6 into the 4 pin only to leave the 7 pin standing and shot 200.

In the 6th game I started with a turkey followed by 2 solid 10 pins. I then struck, left another solid 10 followed by another solid 10 pin. I struck again and then left a solid 8 pin. I struck out in the 10th frame for a 228. It was my best game of the day, but the pins didn't cooperate. In the 7th game I started with a light shot tripping the 2-4 leaving the 5-8. I left a 4-9 in the next frame which I missed. I doubled and left a 10 pin the 5th frame. I then had a turkey only to leave a 4-6-7-10 in the 9th frame. I struck out in the 10th frame to shoot 208.

In the last game I figured that I needed a very high game (280 or better) if I was to make the cut. I went light my first 2 frames and then left a 2 pin in the 3rd. I went high in the 4th frame leaving the 6 pin and went light in the 5th frame leaving the 2-4-5 which I missed to the right. I doubled and left a 4-9 in the following frame which I again missed. I then left a solid 9 pin. I struck out in the 10th frame and shot 188. I was pretty disappointed on not being able to strike more. The scores were pretty high and I made a few too many bad shots with not enough strikes and too many opens.

X819/ X X X81 X XX81 211
X X X9/8/9/ X9/8/XX9 223
9/9/ X9/ X9/ X8/9/9/X 197
X X X X X X9/ X9/XXX 259
9/ X729/ X X X X7/63 200
X X X9/9/ X9/ X9/XXX 228
8/81 X X9/ X X X62XXX 208
9/9/9/9/71 X X819/XXX 188

I had 53 strikes in 92 shots. (1 strike when I missed the pocket, the 2nd shot in the 10th frame of the last game was a bit light pushing the 8 pin over)
My strike on pocket shots was 52 of 75 or 69%.
I had 8 opens. 7 splits (2-7, 2-10, 6-7-10, 4-6-7-10, 4-9, 4-6-7-10, and another 4-9) plus the missed the 2-4-5. Besides missing the pocket a few more times than I needed to, I just didn't have the carry necessary and too many opens. Oh well.

Walter Ray